Darryl Simmons

Darryl Simmons

Owner Media Matters Inc. CEO, Publisher

Darryl Simmons has an established reputation as a leader and publisher, notably within the collision and automotive repair industry. He established Media Matters Inc. in 2001. Under it’s umbrella, Collision Repair magazine, Bodyworx Professional, Collision Quebec, and Canadian Auto Recycler (to name a few) have been launched and continue to represent the owners, suppliers, insurers, educators and other industry stakeholders. These publications have become a main stay and a main source of information for their respective industries. Since the beginning, Darryl has made it his mission to be the most recognized and respected voice within the Canadian collision repair community; a mission which continues to deliver on it’s promise. He is more than an entrepreneur and publisher. He is an innovator, and a change maker. Prior to launching Collision Repair magazine he served as a Professor at Humber College (Public Relations), Editorial Director at Taylor Publishing and Executive Vice President of the Toronto Better Business Bureau. He currently sits on several committees including the Canadian Collision Industry Forum (CCIF), the Automotive Industries Association of Canada (AIA) and the OMDC Magazine Industry Advisory Committee.






Jordan Arseneault

Associate Editor

Jordan Arseneault is an associate editor with Collision Repair, responsible for Bodyworx Professional magazine. A graduate of the Ryerson School of Journalism, Jordan has written for a number of local newspapers, covering sports, criminal investigations and current events. He has served as the Sports editor for the Ryersonian paper, while also spending time interning with Bell Media's Daily Planet.






Michelle Miller

Art Director

Michelle Miller is the Art Director and driving force behind the Creative Department at Media Matters Inc. Experienced with corporate, freelance and small business identities, she brings her expertise to the workplace. Michelle is also responsible for developing print layouts, designing ads and creating in-house print material. She works directly with clients to ensure ads are to spec and display our clients in the best light. The publications she lays out includes Collision Repair magazine, Bodyworx Professional, Collision Quebec, Canadian Auto Recyclers, Training Directory and the Buyers Guide. Her enthusiastic positive and hard working attitude is a great assest to the company.





Lindsey Cooke

Staff Writer

Lindsey is a recent graduate from the Trent-Loyalist journalism program. She likes to dream big and as a young girl she originally wanted to pursue acting. She dreamt of becoming an Oscar award winning actress. But that dream took a slight turn and went to writing. She has grown a passion for story-telling and loves interacting with other people. Her favourite part of the journalism aspect is getting a different perspective on things and having the ability to share it with others.





Gloria Mann

Vice President Industry Relations

Gloria's focus on industry relations is fully geared to driving her clients' success. She accomplishes this by developing a thorough understanding of their individual needs, goals, and objectives and provides guidance in reaching their key customers through publications and digital options. Gloria brings many years of experience in senior-level national marketing positions with international corporations. This, in addition to her serving on many industry boards of directors and advisory committees, allows her to keep a pulse on current and upcoming trends in the automotive industry.




Ellen Smith w

Ellen Smith

Director Business Development/Digital/Marketing Solutions

Ellen brings 25 years of marketing brand communication strategic development. Excellence is more than a mantra to her. Her focus is always to help clients achieve their road to success, through developing solutions that connect with their core targets. It is a passion. Her personal belief is that success is never without the commitment and collaboration of a dedicated and talented team. Her experience stems from working in a senior capacity within multi-national corporations such as Mediacom, and Starcom on a number of categories, including automotive.






Laura Jensen

Publisher's Assistant

New to the industry, Laura's background is in office administration, technical support, customer service and conflict resolution. With both an advanced diploma in business administration accounting and a BBA specializing in human resources, she is excited to bring her many years experience to the collision repair and publishing fields. With a “happy to help” attitude she looks forward to working with subscribers and clients, providing the best experience possible.