BIG FISH The adage, “like a fish out of water,” could soon been rendered ancient, thanks to Israeli scientists that claim they taught a goldfish to drive. Scientists from Israel’s Ben-Gurion University say they have successfully taught a goldfish to maneuver a robotic car on land via a top-down camera that monitors fish movements around […]


FOR THE FUTURE British Columbians and skilled trades employers will soon learn more about the economic value of apprenticeships, thanks to a study funded by the B.C. government and the Canadian Apprenticeship Forum (CAF-FCA). In 2006 and 2009, CAF-FCA conducted two national studies to calculate the economic return on training investment for skilled trades employers […]


RIGHT FIT Both Bentley Motors and Ford made 3D-printing announcements to kick off the year, with the former announcing its exploration in 3D printed vehicle components, down to powertrains, and the latter releasing open-source files for customized interior accessories. Bentley’s announcement came alongside an investment in the automaker’s additive manufacturing (AM) capacity at its Crewe, […]


SUMMER OF ‘67 The last time light vehicle production in Canada was this poor, the Maple Leafs were still winning Stanley Cups. According to a report from DesRosiers Automotive Consultants, last year’s vehicle production of 1.1 million vehicles was on par with levels not seen since 1967. Production numbers have been in a steady decline […]


CLICHÉ AS IT MAY BE, IT IS HONESTY BY DARRYL SIMMONS Would you call yourself a liar? Probably not, right? Even though you’ve no doubt told a lie or ten in your lifetime. One of the folks you’ve most likely lied to? Your boss. Don’t worry, I’m not about to call up the head honcho […]

Going Viral

By Allison Rogers IN A GOOD WAY TikTok, for one, has made internet ‘fame’ a much more attainable reality. In the age of apps like TikTok, today’s teens have but one goal—to spend eight-plus hours a day on. The average video likely takes less go viral online. TikTok, for one, has made internet ‘fame’ a […]

Fewer Shades of Grey: Automotive Colour Trends in 2022

MONOCHROME TONES REMAIN KING—BUT NOT AMONG CONSUMERS Modern automotive coatings are more complex than ever— radar detection, EV sensor compatibility and supply chain issues are some of the factors companies must consider before developing the colour hue itself. Most customers don’t see that though— pretty colours are more obvious than flecks of radar-reflecting material. According […]

Welcome, All

Is your workplace accessible? In 2022, a ‘no’ is inexcusable. By Kate Ng and Allison Rogers ADDRESSING ACCESSIBILITY IN THE AUTO REPAIR BUSINESS No one likes to be left out. That being said, have you gauged how accessible and inclusive your workplace is toward its customers? Even further, are you doing all you can to […]

Collision Coast To Coast

Data was not available for all Canadian provinces/territories. HOW LUCRATIVE IS THE EVERYDAY APPRENTICE? It’s no secret Canada is amid a skilled worker shortage. No trade is safe—not even the glistening metallics and sparkling headlights of collision repair. Check out Bodyworx’s compilation on the state of apprenticeship enrolment across Canada. RED SEAL RATES ACROSS CANADA […]

In Black And White

By Max Reid BMW UNVEILS COLOUR-CHANGING CONCEPT CAR A new colour-changing paint technology being developed by BMW will allow drivers the ability to shift between colour shades with the push of button; but the tech’s implications for future energy management research are far from black and white. The German automaker showed off a concept model […]