AutoGravity Corporation Takes a TURN Toward Flexibility With New Mobility Solution

The days of music CDs and TV Guide are long gone – digital music and TV subscriptions are flourishing. The future of car consumption is following the same path

IRVINE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–AutoGravity Corporation (“AutoGravity”), the digital platform provider that simplifies the auto retail experience for consumers and dealers, announced today that it has launched a Flexible Car Usage service called Turn.

Turn is addressing the customer requirement for flexibility with no commitment by offering feature-rich, off-lease, used vehicles through an established partnership with Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen. Turn understands that its customers do not want to lock themselves into mini-mortgages when they are unsure about the circumstances concerning their ever-evolving daily lives.

The Turn offering includes all the essentials rolled into a competitive monthly price including maintenance, comprehensive and collision insurance, and roadside assistance. Equally important, a passionate team is ready to engage with customers to ensure vehicle usage becomes a burden-free pleasure. Whether the choice is a gasoline-powered or electric vehicle from Smart Car, Mercedes-Benz, Audi or Volkswagen, Turn’s service level is consistently efficient, passionate and friendly. The shopping experience is simple: once a car is selected, the order is executed via mobile application or web interface and an arrangement is made to have the vehicle delivered to the customer’s door. Equally simple is the return process, all driven by one simple interaction.

“Our extensive research shows that the time for Flexible Car Usage is now,” said AutoGravity CEO Alex Mallmann. “This new option is becoming a popular way for consumers to find the right cars, at the right price and time to meet their specific circumstances. We pioneered the digital lending platform space with the creation of the AutoGravity platform. And that experience has provided valuable customer insights for us to naturally progress to the flexible usage and subscription space. We are very excited about Turn’s potential and expanding the service into new markets over time.”

Turn is available now for customers in the Greater Los Angeles Region. For more information, visit


Rob Lopez

AutoGravity Corporate Communications


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