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Collision Repair's Industry Insider: Antoine Bessette, CEO of FELINO Cars
by Collision Repair Magazine

In this week's episode, Collision Repair chatted with former Canadian racing champion Antoine Bessette to hear more about his company, FELINO Cars.

Bessette, who was named Canadian Champion Race Driver of the year by the Ontario regional racing sanctioning body back in 2005, has since departed the lanes of the speedway, moving on to start his own sports car brand, FELINO, an entirely Canadian brand that focuses on building luxury sportscars made to drive on public roads and racetracks alike.

FELINO recently showcased its models at the Canadian International AutoShow in Toronto. The brand only makes 10 of each sports car model⁠—and purchasing a FELINO car is an extremely customizable and personal experience for the hard-core auto enthusiasts. From the very beginning, FELINO developed its cB7r model around the driver. The car is built on the company’s unique chassis that allows for plenty of customization in terms of engine options, gearboxes, complementary technologies and bodywork without altering the performance that characterizes this beast of a vehicle.

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