Axiom® Debuts Axiom Connected™, Intensifying Commitment to Transforming the Automotive Ownership Experience

ST. LOUIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Axiom Product Administration ( announced today it has established a dedicated technology services organization, Axiom Connected Technology LLC (, which is squarely focused on the digital transformation of the automotive, fintech and insurtech industries.

This new business entity brings together new and existing connected platforms to help automotive: customers, OEMs, administrators, underwriters and dealers deliver industry-leading technology to digitally interact through a connected ecosystem. Axiom Connected will provide enterprise-level clients with a pragmatic roadmap to digital transformation in the automotive space, strategically aligning their vision with the connected vehicle ownership journey.

“Automotive and insurance industries are facing unprecedented change requiring major, tangible, consumer engagement as they navigate their own digital transformation roadmap,” said Michael J. Reth, Axiom Connected Founder/CEO. “In automotive and vehicle focused industries – customers are requiring a digital experience in every step of the automotive buying, and ownership lifecycle. Due to a lack of internal technology and development resources, many industry organizations are challenged to deliver their own internal digital operational and customer experience solutions. Axiom Connected guides companies through development and implementation by building custom enterprise solutions at scale, relying on years of automotive industry knowledge to deliver a better digital customer experience.”

Axiom Connected’s Solutions include:

  • Connected Warranty Ecosystem: The automotive industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of digital platforms connecting the customer to the vehicle, dealer, OEM and administrator.
  • Industry-Specific Roadmap and Executional Strategies: Improve the ownership experience and capitalize on the 1.8 Trillion impact to the automotive industry by 2030. *
  • Digital Retail Solutions: Complete customization and deployment of e-commerce, connected sales platforms including retargeting best practices and real-time analytics.
  • Implementation and Growth: Swift speed to market, expandable infrastructure and adaptation to client needs on a global scale.
  • BPO Development Services: Full-stack development for automotive, insurtech, and fintech organizations.

“Axiom Connected is a digital-first customer experience focused company with in-depth knowledge and understanding of the automotive finance & insurance industries,” said Sergey Abrosimov, Axiom Connected CTO, “Our pragmatic approach to using proven innovative technology stacks in order to digitally transform an industry ridden with legacy systems and technical debt makes us one of the few technology providers in automotive finance & insurance space that addresses the needs and wants of the modern consumer.”

*Source: Digital Transformation of Industries: Automotive Industry, World Economic Forum White Paper, January 2016

About Axiom Connected: Axiom Connected Technology, headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri (USA), is a global technology company transforming the digital customer experience through innovative connected platforms that modernize vehicle ownership. Connect with us at 833-220-0682, or

About Axiom Product Administration: Axiom is a full-service, nationwide finance and insurance (F&I) product provider that is modernizing the automotive space by fusing new protection products with interactive technology for both the dealer and the customer. Our programs are backed by national, A-rated insurance carriers and in many cases, can be reinsured. Connect with us at 844.252.0937, or @axiomproducts.


Axiom Connected

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