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By Darryl Simmons Publisher, Bodyworx Professional



“The opportunities in collision repair are vast, ranging from
specialized roles in painting and body repair to advanced
positions in computerized diagnostics and structural
repair—not to mention the roles outside of an actual facility.”

Automatic, Inverter Resistance Spot Welders

The TECNA Automatic Smart Inverter Resistance Spot Welder Models 3664P and 3680 from Arslan Automotive can recognize types and thicknesses of metals and set all parameters automatically. The tool features a water-cooled transformer gun to help optimize your productivity and increase duty cycle. Plus, a support arm with balancer helps for safe and comfortable operation. A new touch screen with intuitive graphic design lets you choose between Automatic Smart+, Quick and Full modes, while an ergonomic, compact and stable cart allows for easy transportation throughout the facility. This device is also wifi enabled for factory updates and diagnostics.

SprayMax 1K E-Coat Primers

SprayMax 1K E-Coat Primers are designed for direct to steel and aluminum applications. They are paintable, corrosion resistant and compatible with OEM basecoats. Perfect for inner body panels, engine compartments, trunks, support rails, bodyfiller, fiberglass and SMC. They replicate OEM gloss levels, are fast drying and durable, while offering excellent adhesion. Now available in eight colours: White, light green, olive green, gray, black, tan, field drab, and olive brown.

For more information contact: | 844.426.6330 or visit

Inductor Max

Release all types of adhesives bonded to the metal without the collateral damage of open flame with the Inductor Max Kit. The kit is completely portable with the induction inverter mounted in a carry case. It offers audible and visual power indicators.

For more information email or call Induction Innovations at 877-688-9633.

OneChoice UV Primer

The new ONECHOICE® UV-Cured Primer Surfacer from PPG achieves a high film build of 2.0-2.5 mils per coat and can be cured and ready to sand in two minutes. It’s the ideal solution for high production shops seeking to save time and increase the throughput of their paint operation. Available in spray gun ready quart or aerosol can.

For more information visit or check out this you tube link

3M™ PPS™ Series 2.0 Vented Spray CupWith

The 3M™ PPS™ family of products has helped painters save time, reduce solvent use, and deliver consistent results for more than 20 years. From the world’s first linered cup system, the PPS™ family has grown to include a family of paint cups that meet painters’ everyday challenges. Instantly ready to use—3M™ PPS™ 2.0 Vented Cups come with their valves pre-installed. They’re ready to start mixing right out of the box, delivering the excellent material flow you’d expect from a vented cup system.


Hunter Quick Check® Inspection

Opportunity doesn’t knock; it rolls: Vehicles need alignments and new tires, but you won’t know unless you look. Quick Check® Drive from Hunter Engineering is a fully autonomous inspection system that finds the opportunities you need. Twelve cameras and 32 laser sensors provide accurate alignment and tire tread measurements in seconds, displaying the easily understood results on the large Flightboard™ video monitor for convenient customer discussions.

For more information visit

Wheel Refinishing Services

With 28 years experience in the wheel refinishing industry, Carcone’s has a team of motivated individuals and an 8,500 sq ft state of the art facility dedicated to serving customers. Capable of working on a variety of wheel refinishing services from corrosion and clear coat peel to slightly bent wheels and powder coating finishes, Carcone’s offers services on any OEM aluminum wheel refinishing, any aftermarket aluminum wheel refinishing and any steel wheel refinishing. Other services include: curb rash; exact and exotic paint finishes, wheel balancing and more.

For more information call 1-800-263-2022 or visit

Dominion Sure Seal 3 in 1 Primers

Dominion Sure Seal’s 3 in 1 Primers are quick to dry, easy to sand, and paintable in as little as 30 minutes. Apply direct to metal, aluminum, plastic, fibreglass and SMC. Surfaces can be sanded just 15 minutes after priming, and can be painted 30 minutes after. The products offer great flexibility, a film build, large paint gun style fan pattern, and great filling characteristics. They are suitable for metal, aluminum and plastics. The 3 in 1 Primers are available in black, grey and white.

For more information visit

KECO K-Power Lateral Tension Tool

The K-Power is KECO’s most powerful lateral tension innovation. The K-Power applies force extremely low to the panel with controlled finesse all the way to Port-a-Power strength. This allows for the cleanest lateral tension possible designed to maximize the output without the risk of creating collateral damage. Multiple shoes give technicians flexibility and options for applying force to flat panels and body lines with both perpendicular and in-line configurations.

For more information email or call 888-532-6822.

Cardinal Couriers

What would you do with the extra time? Cardinal Couriers can give you back time and help you start your business day earlier with Cardinal’s pre-8 a.m. transportation solutions. Cardinal understands the value of time, and that’s why the company’s unique night network provides a competitive advantage where first to market comes standard. Optimize your sales, improve customer service, loyalty and increase profitability through Cardinal’s unique night network with unattended pickups and deliveries.

asTech® All-In-One

The asTech® All-In-One® is the most comprehensive and powerful repair device with the best OEM vehicle coverage. The asTech® All-In-One® can perform both remote authentic OEM and car side OEM-Compatible diagnostic scans that are covered by asTech’s industry leading warranty. It also includes full support for ADAS calibrations as well as programming. For every vehicle in your shop, the All-In-One® is the only tool you’ll need.

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