THERE’S A RECIPE FOR TACTFUL CRITICISM BY ALLISON ROGERS Could you imagine the chaos our world would be in if no one ever spoke their mind? In the same vein, can you imagine the turmoil a business would suffer if no one spoke up to spur change? Providing constructive criticism to a superior can be […]


AT THE MINUTE, IT DOESN’T PAY TO CONSIDER A CAREER IN AUTOBODY BY MEGHAN MCEWAN There are two large forces in play which, together, are wreaking havoc within the automotive service industry. A rapidly aging and exponentially disappearing workforce combined with significant difficulty recruiting young, new talent have already made for dire consequences throughout the […]


PASSION FOR YOUR WORK HAS THE POWER TO INSPIRE BY DARRYL SIMMONS For this magazine, this industry always has something to celebrate. This year is a bit special for Bodyworx Professional though, 2023 marks this magazine’s tenth year in publication. For the last ten years, our focus at Bodyworx Professional has been on people. This […]