We need more women in collision repair BY ALLISON ROGERS Have you ever searched through a library of stock images? The endless rows of far-too-smiley models engaged in some mindless activity, blank stares and too-white smiles reflected in blank laptop screens. And why are they always eating salads? Meanderings aside, stock photo libraries can be […]


AS MY MOM WOULD SAY, THINK BEFORE YOU DO BY STEFANO LIESSI We have come to the close of 2021, the Christmas season soon upon us, a time for humanity to put some extra effort forth to appreciate one another. The past two years have delt some definite challenges to many in the industry, regardless […]


BEHIND THE ICONIC ONTARIO ROAD SAFETY MASCOTS BY MADDY KYLIE The names Mr. Beep and Blinky the Police Car may sound familiar to some — especially those who grew up in the Greater Toronto Area anytime between the 1950s and 80s. For those who don’t remember them, these are the names of two iconic road […]


MERCEDES-BENZ CANADA INTRODUCES INTERACTIVE REMOTE SUPPORT SYSTEM BY ALLISON ROGERS Have you ever found yourself elbow-deep in a repair job, wishing the solution to your challenges would appear before your very eyes? Well, thanks to Mercedes-Benz Canada, that could soon be a reality for you and your staff. In October, Mercedes-Benz Canada announced the successful […]

SEMA Show: Another SEMA spectacular for the scrapbooks

Story by ALLISON ROGERSPhotos by DARRYL SIMMONS Well, another SEMA Show has come and gone from the Las Vegas strip— but not without giving us plenty to think about as an industry. Marking the first time attendees gathered for the SEMA Show since 2019, this year’s event hosted more than 100,000 attendees, exhibitors and media, […]


FINISHMASTER CROWNS HOODMASTER 2021 CHAMPS BY MAX REID When you get your car back from the shop, refinished in that dangerous beige you like, the phrase ‘work of art’ might not necessarily always come to mind. Sure, there’s work that goes into making the paint even, and they have to mix it to get the […]


THE PEOPLE V. PARKED CARS Kids these days seem to find great entertainment in flipping parked cars while inebriated, according to events this homecoming season at Ontario universities. On October 2, students celebrating McMaster University’s unofficial homecoming flipped a parked car right onto its hood. The Mazda belonged to a first-year student, whose friend kindly […]


The tale of Scott Sieppert’s assent When Scott was about to graduate from High School in 1996, he has his eyes set on becoming a mechanic. But after months of searching for someone to take him on as apprentice, he grew frustrated; and that’s when Ken Friesen stepped in. Ken entered Scott’s life and offered […]


STAY IN SCHOOL When the pandemic hit and management at L’Expert Carrossier Rive-Sud heard that many post-secondary students were being forced to abandon their studies, the collision centre south of Quebec City stepped up to lend some assistance. Through a collaboration between the shop and a local radio station, L’Expert Carrossier Rive-Sud was able to […]

Come work for the Pros at ProColor Collision

ProColor Collision is looking for passionate & highly motivated people who can shape the future of our organization, while enabling their own future. Working at a ProColor location means jumpstarting a career of lifelong learning and fi nding the perfect work-life balance. Explore opportunities for personal and professional growth at one of our ProColor Collision […]