CoPilot Reinvents Digital Car Shopping With First Comprehensive AI-Assisted Shopping App

CoPilot’s AI-powered intelligent agent provides consumers with curated and ranked recommendations on the best vehicles for each user, as well as access to AI chat that answers car shoppers’ questions every step of the way

Unlike other AI tools on the marketplace, CoPilot’s shopping experience is the first and only one driven entirely by AI, dramatically reducing the time and hassle of car buying for shoppers

CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–CoPilot, the leading consumer-focused car shopping app, has launched the car market’s first-ever comprehensive AI-assisted car shopping experience. Through CoPilot’s app, consumers can now search for and receive AI-curated, ranked recommendations with detailed analysis on which vehicle is the best fit for them, based on their personal preferences and geographic location. Consumers can also use CoPilot’s generative AI-backed chat function to answer all of their car buying questions.

CoPilot’s AI-driven app eliminates the time-consuming legwork of car shopping for consumers, doing more research and analysis in seconds than a human could achieve in hours. Once a consumer tells CoPilot what it wants, CoPilot’s AI will instantly search virtually every dealer in their area, identifying any vehicles meeting their specifications, analyzing every car leveraging CoPilot’s unique data, and ranking these results so consumers will always know the best car for them at the best price. Unlike many other car shopping platforms, CoPilot’s recommendations are unbiased, with dealers unable to pay to influence these results.

CoPilot’s AI even provides a detailed analysis as to why each vehicle has been recommended for that consumer, along with powerful insights on what makes the car a good buy, as well as any concerns that should be fully considered before buying that particular car.

Since its initial founding, CoPilot’s vision has been to develop an entirely-AI driven car shopping experience. CoPilot started by building the industry’s most comprehensive data platform of automotive data, including near-real time insights into pricing and inventory availability at every major dealership in the country. CoPilot’s mobile app is powered by a series of cutting-edge AI technologies, including machine learning and a broad set of chat-focused generative AI tools.. The result is a unique and powerful car shopping experience that provides consumers with instant expert insights on every step of the car shopping journey.

“Car shopping has always been a grind,” said CoPilot CEO and Founder Pat Ryan. “It’s a complex process that takes the average consumer six months from start to finish. At CoPilot, we saw an immense opportunity for AI to entirely reinvent the process and eliminate the stress and legwork that goes into buying a car. CoPilot AI provides consumers with unique insights and analysis they need to make a smart car buying decision, within seconds.”

CoPilot’s approach also has major implications for other shopping decisions: For the first time ever, it leverages AI technology to give consumers personalized recommendations that help them make an informed, confident choice about a major purchase. This experience represents the next frontier of AI, tapping into its ability to serve as an intelligent agent that analyzes and curates the information consumers need, saving them valuable time and money.

“AI-assisted shopping has massive potential for consumers. This is the future of AI: its potential to help consumers make far smarter decisions while taking the grind out of the process,” Ryan added. “While many people see the potential of AI to transform shopping, few comprehensive AI-assisted shopping experiences have emerged so far, given the massive and differentiated data and computational AI foundation required to power such experiences. As a company, we have been building toward this moment for years. Thishas allowed us to provide a leap-frogging experience for consumers, even at this early stage of the AI revolution. With CoPilot AI consumers can know more in seconds than they learn in days using traditional car shopping apps. This is the first step toward overhauling the entire car buying experience with AI.”

About CoPilot

CoPilot is the world’s first AI-assisted car shopping app. CoPilot AI guides consumers through the process of finding and selecting their ideal vehicle, based on their personal preferences – including budget, vehicle type, color, engine, trim, and more – as well as CoPilot’s proprietary insights and analysis about these vehicles. It provides curated and ranked recommendations for the perfect vehicle to meet their needs, as well as real-time information on its price and availability, based on their location. Consumers can also ask CoPilot AI questions about specific cars and the car shopping process, allowing them to access all the information they need in one place.


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