EAVX Earns Three 2024 Merit Awards for Innovation in Fleet Management and Technology Development


The Merit Awards is an independent awards program that recognizes global industries and the markets they serve – and the companies that represent the best in current and next-generation innovations and advancements within those industries.

EAVX earned two gold and one silver 2024 Merit Awards:

  • Gold – Fleet Management Innovator of the Year
  • Gold – Vehicle Telematics Solution of the Year for its VX Control system, an intelligent digital infrastructure that integrates lighting, operations equipment, cameras, sensors and driver assistance technology into a single informational digital screen
  • Silver – Overall Vehicle Technology of the Year for the integration of VX Control with the Proxima body to create solutions-based designs integrated with cutting-edge technology that redefines the driving experience and transforms fleet operations

Morgan Olson’s Proxima body, in collaboration with EAVX, is a revolutionary next-generation commercial vehicle adaptable from Class 2 to 5 with compatibility for both EV and ICE engine chassis. Proxima integrates cutting-edge technologies like VX Control that emphasize safety, security, ergonomics, and body efficiency to empower operators and fleet owners.

“This is an incredible honor for our entire team, as well as important recognition of EAVX as an innovation hub for body development and technological integration that’s leading the way in next-generation commercial vehicles,” said Mark Hope, President of EAVX. “Proxima embodies a holistic and forward-thinking approach to the future of commercial vehicles, promoting sustainability, safety, and operational excellence. As we continue to enhance its design and features, it also demonstrates our commitment to consistent improvement and iteration. From enhancing safety and security to facilitating informed decision-making, Proxima is a game-changer in the industry, offering a comprehensive package tailored for fleets aiming for optimal performance and innovation.”

The most important achievement of the Proxima body lies in its prioritizing overall driver safety through comprehensive technology that incorporates real-time data-monitoring through cameras, elevating driver assistance and strengthening security measures. In addition, smart sensor technology plays a crucial role in streamlining operations, particularly in parking, lane and obstacle detection, effectively reducing the risk of incidents.

About EAVX

EAVX is the innovation hub of JB Poindexter & Co, leveraging its market leadership and formidable resources to optimize the design and manufacture of next-generation commercial vehicles. It collaborates with the most advanced electric and alternative power chassis producers, allowing chassis partners to focus on their revolutionary and proprietary technologies. EAVX and the individual business units of JBPCO are the integration bodybuilders of choice for chassis producers serving present and future EV and alternative fuel markets and advanced vehicle technology markets. Visit www.jbpoindexter.com/eavx for more information.

About JB Poindexter & Co

JB Poindexter & Co is a business enterprise that provides best-in-class commercial automotive and manufacturing goods and services. The company applies innovative operational and financial disciplines to truck and van bodies, pickup truck covers and accessories, industrial vehicle storage and shelving, funeral coaches, limousines, specialty industrial parts and expandable foam packaging. The portfolio of industry-leading business units includes Morgan Truck Body, Morgan Olson, Reading Truck Group, Truck Accessories Group, EFP Corporation, Specialty Vehicle Group, MIC Group, Masterack and EAVX. For more information, visit JBPoindexter.com or on LinkedIn.

About Merit Awards

Designed to recognize the efforts put forth by global industries and the markets they serve, the Merit Awards will acknowledge companies that have contributed to the continued growth of the market. The Merit Awards are judged by industry executives, Merit Awards staff, members of the media and consultants. For more information, visit the Merit Awards website.


Praveena Ramaswami

Communications, Marketing and Public Relations I EAVX


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