Fortistar and TruStar Energy Sponsor Summit Convening Top Sustainability Leaders

TruStar hosts executive luncheon to discuss strong economic and sustainable benefits behind using renewable natural gas to decarbonize transportation

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#CNG–Dedicated to transitioning to a low-carbon economy, Fortistar and TruStar Energy, two of the nation’s leaders in using renewable natural gas (RNG) production and dispensing as a vehicle fuel alternative to diesel, is a proud sponsor of The Responsible Business Summit West taking place October 9-10, 2019 in San Diego.

“Increased sustainability leads to increased innovation,” said Mark Comora, president of Fortistar and chairman of TruStar Energy. “Our focus is on decarbonizing and economic solutions available today – driving immediate impact to triple bottom lines throughout the energy, transportation, and industrial sectors of our economy.”

Heavy- and medium-duty vehicles make up seven percent of the vehicles on California’s roads but contribute 20 percent of the heat-trapping carbon emissions going into the atmosphere, according to the Union of Concerned Scientists, a nonprofit science advocacy organization. According to the CA-GREET Model, the use of natural gas for transportation fuel as an alternative to diesel reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 17 percent, while the use of renewable natural gas reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90 percent. In states like California, this can translate to fuel savings of up to 50 percent.

In 2020, TruStar Energy will fuel 4,000 Class 8 heavy-duty trucks daily at stations it operates, dispensing more than 80 million diesel gallon equivalents of natural gas on an annual basis.

“For heavy duty trucks and long-haul fleets, renewable natural gas represents an economic and sustainable alternative to diesel that is available and proven – today.” said Adam Comora, CEO of TruStar Energy. “We are excited that we help our customers and partners capitalize on economic incentives that also come with sustainable decarbonizing solutions. In fact, we will save our customers more than $100 million in fuel costs next year. We look forward to discussing innovative sustainability strategies with other leaders at The Responsible Business Summit West.”

The event sponsorship is part of the companies’ belief in being able to deliver sustainability at a lower cost. The event will bring together industry leaders, including CEOs, responsibility and sustainability officers, investment professionals and government officials.

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Headquartered in White Plains, New York, Fortistar is an opportunity-oriented, private investment and energy firm focused on the transition to a zero-carbon economy. These efforts are distinguished by its experienced team with a deep understanding of energy operations, financing and development. Fortistar owns and operates lower carbon energy generating companies in the United States and Canada that support the transition to a low carbon economy. These companies include cogeneration facilities; waste-heat recovery power plants; compressed natural gas fueling stations; landfill power plants; projects that reduce carbon in industrial facilities, and biomass facilities. Our portfolio of associated companies includes Generational Power, TruStar Energy, Primary Energy, Fortistar Methane Group, Fortistar Biomass Group, Carbonfree Chemicals, Golden Renewable Energy and ClockIN.

For more than 25 years, Fortistar has built, invested in and managed portfolios of successful independent power and clean energy generation projects in the U.S. and Canada. Fortistar and TruStar Energy’s ability to forge strong relationships with investors, customers and local communities has been a hallmark of their demonstrated success.

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TruStar Energy, a subsidiary of Fortistar, is one of the nation’s leading developers of compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling stations. With decades of experience, the company’s professionals are experts at providing CNG fueling solutions that are ready on time, on budget and that are profitable for their owners. With a rapidly growing network of public stations and 24/7 service and support, we’re always there when you need us.

TruStar Energy puts fleet owners in the driver’s seat by offering best-in-class, options to meet a full range of fueling needs. For additional information, please visit or and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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