Geotab Achieves Unprecedented Milestone, Surpassing 2 Million Subscribers

Company secures position as largest commercial telematics provider in the world

SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#GeotabConnectGeotab Connect 2020Geotab, a global leader in IoT and connected transportation, today announced it has surpassed 2 million subscribers, securing its position as the world’s largest commercial telematics company.

Launching its software as a service solution in 2006, the company has experienced an average annual subscriber growth rate of 40 percent over the past five years, with a 100 percent increase since Q1 2018. Geotab has since become the platform of choice for businesses both large and small as well as public, private and government fleets of all sizes across the globe by focusing on a unique open platform approach that has attracted a world class partner ecosystem and integrated solutions within the Geotab Marketplace.

“In February 2018, we announced that Geotab had achieved its goal of becoming the first telematics company to achieve 1 million connected vehicles built on a single, open platform. In less than two years, we have doubled that number and set a new, unprecedented milestone,” said Geotab CEO Neil Cawse. “As our vehicle subscription base continues to expand around the world, we have showcased that by adhering to our founding adage of ‘you can’t manage what you don’t measure,’ our customers and the community at large are able to benefit from improved fleet management and data-driven insights to help tackle challenges around traffic safety, city planning, climate change and more.”

Geotab’s road to 2 million subscribers at a glance:

  • Geotab GO devices are used in over 130 countries.
  • Geotab’s ecosystem captures nearly 3 million charging events a year from electric vehicles (which is growing rapidly).
  • Geotab customers drive an average of 585 million miles per week (that’s equal to 6.3 trips to the sun).
  • If all the vehicles in the Geotab database were lined up end-to-end (10,500mi), they would stretch from Toronto to Rio de Janeiro and back.
  • More than 40 billion data points are collected each day from Geotab-connected vehicles around the world.

Susan Beardslee, Principal Analyst at ABI Research commended the company on this unprecedented achievement: “ABI Research finds that as of January 2020, Geotab – with more than two million commercial telematics subscribers across the globe – is officially the world’s largest commercial telematics company.” ABI Research has been providing leading-edge research via a worldwide team of analysts focused on transformative technologies since 1990.

As a proven leader in IoT and connected transportation, Geotab provides actionable insights to businesses of all sizes in order to help better manage fleets and make data-driven decisions. Geotab’s key industry differentiator is its open platform solution, which promotes a network of cooperation, enabling businesses to integrate Geotab data into any system regardless of business size or operational needs.

“The ‘Connected Car’ revolution is still in its early stages and represents a huge opportunity for the entire ecosystem. Beginning this next decade with such success calls for celebration,” Cawse added. “Thanks to the hard work of our growing network of employees, partners and customers across the globe—whose passion for innovation and focus on sustainability, scalability, reliability and security has enabled us to effectively support over 40,000 businesses and more than 2 million vehicles around the world. We look forward to seeing what the road to 3 million has in store.”

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About Geotab

Geotab is advancing security, connecting commercial vehicles to the internet and providing web-based analytics to help customers better manage their fleets. Geotab’s open platform and Marketplace, offering hundreds of third-party solution options, allows both small and large businesses to automate operations by integrating vehicle data with their other data assets. As an IoT hub, the in-vehicle device provides additional functionality through IOX Add-Ons. Processing billions of data points a day, Geotab leverages data analytics and machine learning to help customers improve productivity, optimize fleets through the reduction of fuel consumption, enhance driver safety, and achieve strong compliance to regulatory changes. Geotab’s products are represented and sold worldwide through Authorized Geotab Resellers. To learn more, please visit and follow us @GEOTAB and on LinkedIn.


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