Hana Technologies Announces New Branding


As Hana’s professional profile has grown and evolved since its creation in 1999, it was time to refresh it. Hana has altered its brand to reflect who they are today and to symbolize its dynamic future.

Today Hana introduced a completely new look that matches the transformation Hana Technologies has made as a company. Hana has chosen a new brand that is modern with key elements that convey its mission to service their customers, support their partners, empower their employees and protect the environment.

Hana’s new logo incorporates the colors blue and gray, symbolic of trust, loyalty, stability and knowledge. Soon the new brand will be found anywhere Hana Technologies (www.hana.family) is out in public.

“I am excited about the launch of our new brand look,” says Hana Technologies President and CEO Dr. John H. Erdmann. “We’re still the same Hana, but with our evolution and growth over the last few years, this fresh new look reflects our true nature. This look is a reminder, both externally and internally, of our commitment to excellence and continuous improvement.”

While the brand change is an important step, Hana assures there will be no modifications to the nature or operations of the company, nor will it in any way affect the existing relations with its clients and partners. What the brand change will do is underline Hana’s true DNA; we care™.

About Hana Technologies Inc. – www.hana.family

Hana Technologies Inc. is part of the HANA Microelectronics Group, with a combined high-tech manufacturing space of 1,000,000+ square feet and yearly revenue over $700M.


Val Peters

Vice President of Marketing

vpeters@hanarfid.com | +1 330 405 4615

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