Hayden AI Launches Bike Lane Enforcement Safety Solution for Cities

Vehicle-mounted technology enhances safety for bicyclists by reducing dangerous illegal parking in bike lanes.

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Hayden AI, a leader in artificial intelligence and geospatial analytics, today announced a new product for its vision AI platform: automated bike lane enforcement. Utilizing the same hardware and AI technology as the company’s automated bus lane and bus stop enforcement platform, this new application of the technology is designed to keep bike lanes safe and accessible for bike riders by reducing illegal parking that endangers their safety.

Illegally parked cars and trucks in bike lanes pose serious safety risks for people on bikes, forcing them to divert into general, active traffic lanes. Hayden AI’s automated bike lane enforcement platform equips parking enforcement vehicles with forward-facing, AI-powered cameras to seamlessly and automatically detect and enforce these dangerous parking violations at scale.

“Cities and bike advocates across the country have asked us for a solution to stop dangerous illegal parking in bike lanes. I’m happy to announce that we are answering them with this new application of our vision AI platform,” said Chris Carson, founder and CEO of Hayden AI. “The incredibly high accuracy rate of our mobile perception technology will enable cities and towns to deliver the same positive driver behavior change to bike lanes as we’ve seen in bus lanes.”

In 2021, 961 cyclists were fatally struck by vehicles in the United States. To address this serious problem, California recently passed AB 361, legislation that allows towns and cities to install cameras on parking enforcement vehicles to enforce bike lane violations. Hayden AI’s platform is fully compliant with this legislation.

“Every year, more and more people are killed riding their bikes on U.S. roadways. This alarming crisis requires immediate action – the status quo is not cutting it,” said Nicole Brunet, Policy Director of the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia. “Keeping bike lanes clear of illegally parked vehicles is essential to improving safety for cyclists and will empower more people to choose this sustainable, accessible and affordable mode of transportation. We encourage cities and towns to consider camera technologies to enforce illegal parking in bike lanes.”

About Hayden AI: At Hayden AI, we’re pioneering real world problem solving powered by AI and machine learning. From bus lane and bus stop enforcement to digital twin modeling and more, our clients use our mobile perception system to speed up transit, make streets safer, and create a more sustainable future. Learn more at www.hayden.ai


Jenna Fortunati


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