HiBoost Offers Early-Bird Black Friday Discounts on the New Travel 4G 2.0 Cell Phone Signal Booster for Vehicles

IRVING, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#HiBoostHiBoost, the leading provider of mobile signal coverage solutions, announces its all-new Travel 4G 2.0 signal booster for vehicles is now available online. This FCC certified Travel 4G 2.0 features a functional APP that allows for monitoring the booster’s performance.

HiBoost is offering a limited time early bird offer for all Travel 4G 2.0 Vehicle kits at $319.99 (from $399.99 at regular price). This 20% discount on a Travel 4G 2.0 Vehicle Booster kit is valid from November 22, 2019, to December 9, 2019.

The highly anticipated Travel 4G 2.0 vehicle kit come with new and improved accessories. Each kit has high-gain donor and server antennas that are designed to help cellular devices communicate to far distant towers. The vehicle booster kit includes a donor antenna has higher-quality RG58 cables that reduce signal loss from the entire system and a low-profile server antenna.

Launching towards the end of December is the Travel RV Kit. The RV booster kit consists of a powerful high gain omni antenna that mounts at the front of the vehicle. It also includes a server antenna with a higher-quality RG58 cable.

“This new and improved Travel 4G 2.0 and Travel RV kits will transform the way users connect with their mobile applications while on the road. HiBoost values the power to stay connected by empowering users with our products. When it comes to being able to navigate to the next location and connect roadside assistance, these portable cellular boosters play a vital role in roadside safety.”

– Yangwei Wang, CEO of Huaptec US Inc.

Customers will be able to claim this limited time special offer before Black Friday and Cyber Monday through www.hiboost.com or through any authorized resellers.

About HiBoost

HiBoost is based in Irving, Texas and is a leading manufacturer that provides high-quality bi-directional amplifiers and passive distributed antenna systems for clients in the medical, hospitality, commercial, financial banking, and energy industries in North America. The company is committed to providing comprehensive wireless mobile signals coverage solutions to boost signal on 3G and 4G LTE cellular networks for both consumers and mobile operators. For more information, please visit www.hiboost.com.


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