Leading Fleets Adopt Platform Science’s Virtual Vehicle to Usher in a New Generation of OEM-Native Connected Vehicles

Virtual Vehicle enables fleets to sunset aftermarket telematics hardware to increase efficiencies


“The era of after-market hardware is dead,” said Jake Fields, co-founder and CTO of Platform Science. “We now have fleets enabling Virtual Vehicle over-the-air on the majority of their vehicles vs. performing a traditional telematics hardware install. They simply activate the vehicles, drivers hop in with a tablet and then drive away. This is a new approach to telematics enablement that saves time, reduces complexity and is unique to Virtual Vehicle.”

Virtual Vehicle, the premier open connected vehicle application platform, was developed in collaboration with Daimler Truck North America, Navistar, PACCAR, and other leading OEMs. Virtual Vehicle enables fleets to access a marketplace of telematics, driver, and fleet management apps through factory-equipped native OEM vehicle architecture or through simple aftermarket hardware installations for non-compatible vehicles.

“This represents the first phase of a customer driven, OEM-native connectivity strategy – from vehicle architecture to connectivity to in-dash displays to on-board cameras,” Fields said.

Virtual Vehicle places vehicles at the center of a dynamic tech hub, with real-time vehicle data, ease-of use, automation, sensor integration, and advanced safety features, as well as a developer platform for fleets and third parties. Virtual Vehicle is turnkey software pre-installed by the OEM truck manufacturer, and then easily managed remotely by the fleet operator and updated over-the-air as needed. Virtual Vehicle provides flexibility and choice for fleets.

Schneider EVP and Chief Innovation & Technology Officer Shaleen Devgun: “Virtual Vehicle is the epitome of voice of the customer by solving for Schneider’s industry leading approach to connectivity and regulatory compliance in the vehicle, and it does so while upholding our high standards all coming natively from the vehicle. Virtual Vehicle infrastructure is a key element of Schneider’s major technology focus.”

Werner Enterprises CTO Danny Lilley: “We have a long track record of innovation at Werner Enterprises. Virtual Vehicle provides plug-and-play capabilities that are truly fleet first. Virtual Vehicle and its transparent cross OEM embedded roadmap is a key element of increasing efficiency within our mixed fleet operation.”

CR England CEO Chad England: “The comprehensive product suite, powerful driver workflow solution, and easy migration path make Virtual Vehicle an ideal software-based telematics platform for our 4,000+-truck fleet, and opens the door for increased productivity and innovation that will benefit our drivers and customers.”

Covenant Logistics SVP of Technology Eric Whitton: “Virtual Vehicle has given us the ability to move faster as an organization. We can now deliver new technologies to our drivers at a pace never before possible. It has enabled Covenant to realize our progressive vision in replatforming our vehicle ecosystem with a level of future-proofed flexibility essential to our business.”

Virtual Vehicle is currently natively available on eligible Freightliner Trucks manufactured Q4, 2019, or later, with upcoming commercial releases from Navistar and PACCAR. For more information, visit www.virtualvehicle.io.

About Platform Science

Platform Science is transforming transportation technology by future proofing and empowering enterprise fleets with a unified, user-friendly technology platform. Platform Science makes it easy to develop, deploy, and manage mobile devices and applications on commercial vehicles, giving fleets an edge in efficiency, flexibility, visibility and productivity. The customizable platform delivers an unlimited canvas to fleets and developers seeking to innovate and create new solutions as customers’ needs, businesses and industries evolve. Platform Science was ranked #2 in the FreightTech 25 Awards by industry news leader FreightWaves for both 2022 and 2023. The company was also named by Fast Company as one of the World’s Most Innovative Companies for 2022. For more information, please visit www.platformscience.com.



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