Methylennium Energy Receives Investment From The Process Group LLC

Methylennium Energy Corp. is a start-up focusing on developing low-cost net-zero carbon fuel technologies

FALLS CHURCH, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Methylennium Energy (MLE) today announces receiving an initial investment of cash and in-kind engineering design services from The Process Group LLC. MLE is offering a platform for production of cost-competitive carbon-neutral e-methanol from waste CO2 and renewable hydrogen. Green methanol and its derivative net-zero-carbon fuels provides a pathway to address sustainability in large-scale transportation applications such as aviation and trans-ocean shipping. The advantages of the Methylennium process are:

  • Flexible methanol synthesis reactor and process enables the use of intermittent power sources.
  • Behind-the-meter power integration increases yield per installed MW of renewables.
  • Cost targets for grid-independent e-methanol are in the range of $500 to $1000/ tonne.

John Reardon, CEO The Process Group LLC (TPG): “When TPG learned about innovations for grid-independent production of green methanol with novel power integration and flexible reactor technology, I urged that TPG moves quickly to invest in the MLE green methanol platform.”

Max Lyubovsky, Founder and CEO of Methylennium Energy Corp. said: “The Process Group’s experience and outstanding capabilities in process development, chemical reactor design, scale-up, and process control will provide a strong boost to Methylennium Energy Corp’s effort to commercialize green methanol production for use in world-scale ocean shipping and as feedstock for sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).”

About Methylennium Energy

Methylennium Energy (MLE) is developing technology for production of renewable net-zero carbon methanol by combining captured CO2 with renewable hydrogen. MLE develops off-grid hybrid solutions to maximize electrolytic hydrogen production from intermittent renewable power sources. In addition, MLE has invented a methanol process configuration that enables flexible operation powered by intermittent renewable sources.

About The Process Group LLC

TPG is a chemical engineering consulting company with experts in process and mechanical engineering. TPG’s mission is to help foster an economically viable energy transition through rigorous, thoughtful process design. TPG provides services for a variety of industries, including chemicals, refining and fuels, ag-chem, mining and minerals processing, sulfuric acid, and food and beverage. TPG helps clients resolve technical challenges with innovative solutions.


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