Predicta’s AI Compares Sentiment of Professional EV Reviewers vs. EV Owners

DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–In a comparison of professional EV reviews to EV owner reviews Predicta’s AI ( peers into the difference between EV coverage and the real-life reality of owning one. A previous release covered top-of-mind topics for both professional EV reviewers and EV owners. This comparison reveals how these groups feel about different vehicle aspects.

Predicta’s AI engine analyzed hundreds of professionally published EV reviews from dozens of review sites and compared those to thousands of recent reviews from EV owners.

What owners love more than professional reviewers:

Handling: When a typical person drives an EV for the first time, the experience usually blows them away – especially if they haven’t had a new car in a while. Handling is an aspect that impresses throughout the ownership experience, but may be old news to those who review vehicles professionally.

Reliability: This may not be the most enthralling topic in the world, but it is fundamental for widespread EV adoption. The more people feel secure and confident in the product, the easier it will be for the more risk-averse buyers to join the EV scene.

What the groups love equally:

Styling: Styling was high on the sentiment list for both owners and reviewers. The days of EVs looking weird on purpose are mercifully in the rear-view mirror.

Acceleration: This is another aspect of the vehicle’s performance that thrills drivers initially and continues to do so. When a driver steps on the accelerator, the vehicle’s response often far exceeds expectations.

What professional reviewers love more than owners:

Battery: Reviewers are more positive about battery life. But when owners try to manage a battery’s life, wait for their vehicle to charge, or take a long trip, the experience is less pleasant.

Driver Assist Features (backup camera, blind spot warning, etc.): Reviewers often laud these, but they sometimes give owners fits due to malfunctions, learning curves, and user error.

Predicta automates brand and product market intelligence using deep learning AI techniques. This Predicta-AI analysis was gleaned from thousands of sources. Predicta provides automated in-depth brand and product SWOT analysis – anytime, enabling marketers to gain granular insights about competitors’ products – how customers think, feel and act. For more information email


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