RecNation expands into Digital Infrastructure; Company enters into unique partnership with TowerCo to build Wireless Towers across its 57 locations across the U.S. further enhancing its position in the Boat & RV storage industry.

RecNation continues to enhance its offerings by partnering with TowerCo which is one of the leading wireless tower development companies in the US. The partnership will allow the company to develop wireless towers on its properties that will be leased to wireless carriers and other first responders in law enforcement, fire and EMS that require new cellular technologies for emergency communications.

DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–RecNation Storage (“RecNation” or the “Company”), the leading owner, operator and developer of specialized recreational vehicle and marine storage facilities, today announced the launch of a partnership with TowerCo in which TowerCo will build and manage wireless towers across RecNation’s portfolio of 57 properties across the country.

“The partnership with TowerCo is a creative and complementary way to further diversify and enhance the income streams generated by each of our properties,” said Gary “Wojo” Wojtaszek, Chief Camper & Founder of RecNation. The advent of the new 5G and Small Cell technologies are requiring more and more transmission points to broadcast all of the data required by the new data intensive services that are being brought to market particularly with the explosion in data being created by Artificial Intelligence. RecNation’s properties are ideal for this type of wireless tower project as they tend to be located in areas that would be receptive to this type of development. Wojo additionally commented, “I spent a good portion of my career in digital infrastructure having previously managed and sold a substantial wireless tower portfolio. We look forward to jointly working alongside Todd and the TowerCo team as we expand our footprint to 350 locations across the country.” Todd Boyer, Chief Executive Officer of TowerCo added, “We are equally excited to partner with RecNation to develop wireless infrastructure across the country. We are one of the largest developers for wireless communication towers in the country and have extensive relationships with every wireless operator in the country.”

As the largest institutional storage platform, RecNation provides significant economies of scale to a very fragmented asset class demonstrating the tremendous need for secure and professionally managed storage options for recreational vehicles and boats. The company continues to innovate and expand its product and service offerings to enhance its profitability. The wireless tower initiative is just another complementary way to increase the profitability of each property in addition to the RecResale, RecRental, and RecExec businesses it launched last year as well as the partnership it entered into with Camping World and Good Sam earlier this year.

About RecNation

RecNation acquires, builds, and manages specialized RV and Boat storage facilities across the United States. The company was founded to meet the burgeoning storage requirements of the owners of recreational and marine vehicles. As the first institutional grade, specialized storage company created to serve the growing storage needs for both recreational and marine vehicles, RecNation has solidified its position as the leading recreational storage operator in the nation. Since its inception a few years ago, the Company has significantly expanded its footprint to 57 locations across six states to serve a growing community of outdoor and recreational enthusiasts seeking a secure facility to secure their vehicles.

About TowerCo

TowerCo is an industry leader in building, owning, and managing wireless communication infrastructure in the United States. They are a nationally approved vendor for all major wireless operators and have extensive experience working with state agencies, municipalities, schools and private landowners and have over 10,000 tower assets. They work in close partnership with landowners, mobile operators and municipalities to develop sites across the country.

RecNation partnered with WOJO Capital Partners, LLC and Centerbridge Partners, L.P. a private investment management firm to accelerate its expansion into a national platform dedicated to serving recreational and marine storage enthusiasts across the nation.


Stefan Woort-Menker

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