Revolutionizing The Classic Defender: Blackbridge Motors Presents the Mark IV


The Mark IV is more than just a vehicle; it represents a culmination of years of expertise, meticulous craftsmanship, and a desire to truly bridge the gap between classic design and modern performance. While Blackbridge Motors has a history of delivering high-end restomods, owner Scott Gilbert recognized the inherent limitations within the industry and decided to embark on a journey that promises to revolutionize it entirely. He built his own car.

Every facet of the Blackbridge Mark IV, from the frame to the finishing touches, has been meticulously designed, engineered, or manufactured by the Blackbridge team. This groundbreaking approach eliminates the need for sourcing old, salvaged ”donors”, ensuring that enthusiasts can have their dream car without the headaches of dealing with aged machines or weathered metal and create an end product that performs like a new car but looks classic.

Gilbert, the Lead Designer behind this project, expressed his motivation for taking this transformative step, stating, “Blackbridge Motors has more modernized classics on the road that are actually being driven than most other builders. Over the years, we have developed a diverse set of proprietary resto-mod solutions that have pushed the envelope but knew if we started with a fresh platform and process we could offer something groundbreaking.. A real driving force behind the concept stemmed from customers asking for an option that provided faster lead times and a lower initial price point. So, we started kicking around ideas on how to engineer and develop an ionic looking British 4×4 but started from scratch using modern solutions from the ground up rather than decades old designs.

As a result of incorporating modern solutions paired with smart manufacturing, the Blackbridge Mark IV boasts an unheard of approximate four-month lead time, from order to delivery, and a ultra-competitive base price of $169,750. This includes a robust 430 HP 6.2 Liter LS3 motor mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission, promising an uncompromising driving experience.

But the Blackbridge Motors story doesn’t end here. The company is on the brink of announcing another exciting model in the coming weeks, promising even more innovation and excellence for automotive enthusiasts. Scott hints that you can comfortably categorize it as the “Evolutionary compliment to the Mark IV.”

As Blackbridge Motors takes the bold step of reinventing the resto-mod space they invite all those who appreciate the aesthetic of a perfectly restored classic, coupled with the engineering of a modern masterpiece, to join them on this thrilling journey.

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