SCI Lease Corp Firms up Contract Partnership to Support Consumer Leasing for VinFast Canada


As part of the collaboration, SCI will offer a robust leasing program for VinFast electric vehicles including their popular model VF 8, at VinFast showrooms and via VinFast Canada’s website.

“We are excited to partner with VinFast Canada to offer their customers competitive leasing options on their electric vehicles,” says Alan H. Bird, President and CEO of SCI Lease Corp. “This collaboration marks a significant step forward for us to expand our leasing portfolio and provide more Canadian consumers with affordable and flexible leasing programs.”

With the rising demand for sustainable transportation, electric vehicles have become increasingly popular among Canadian consumers. Leasing an electric vehicle is an affordable alternative that allows consumers to enjoy the benefits of driving an EV without a significant initial investment.

“The partnership with VinFast is an important milestone for SCI Lease Corp,” adds Bird, “Not only do we have the opportunity to promote sustainable transportation, but our leasing programs also make electric vehicles accessible to more people with the added advantage of reducing their carbon footprint.”

VinFast is equally enthusiastic about the partnership with SCI Lease Corp and sees it as a way to accelerate the transition to sustainable transportation.

Robert Muller, Deputy CEO, Sales and Marketing, VinFast Canada says “EVs are the future of transportation, and VinFast always seeks collaboration opportunities with industry leading partners around the world to provide our customers with outstanding services and benchmark ownership experiences, contributing to the global green revolution. This partnership with SCI Lease Corp is a significant step towards achieving that goal.”

VinFast is one of the pioneers in transitioning to all-electric vehicle production. In Canada, VinFast has opened stores across the country as well as delivered hundreds of VF 8 vehicles to customers.


Established in 2015, SCI Lease Corp – a member of the SCI Group of Companies – is a privately owned Canadian-based national automotive leasing company, strongly committed to offering competitive leasing programs via partnerships with OEMs and their Dealer networks. With an innovative vision, we are driven to deliver value through exceptional customer experiences with care and excellence.


SCI Lease Corp

Lara Appleton, Marketing Manager

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