Sheba Microsystems Launches MEMS Autofocus Compact Camera for AR/VR/XR Headsets

Ultra-low power sensor-shift Autofocus technology offers unparalleled flexibility in lens design, uniquely accommodating large aperture optics without compromising lens quality, and enables high quality imaging for consumer and enterprise AR/VR/XR.

TORONTO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sheba Microsystems Inc., a global leader in MEMS technologies, today announced the launch of its new product, the Sheba MEMS Autofocus Compact Camera for AR/VR/XR Headsets.

Sheba’s patented µPistons™ design solves the long-standing industry problem of compact cameras’ inability to maintain image quality and focus stability during temperature fluctuations as optics undergo thermal expansion. By uniquely moving the lightweight sensor, instead of moving the lenses, it enables ultra-fast and precise autofocus performance even when environmental conditions change quickly.

The new Sheba AR/VR/XR compact camera offers breakthrough advantages that are key to consumer and enterprise headset technologies: ultra-low power consumption (less than 10 mW), enables the use of large aperture optics, no compromise on optical quality of lenses (as opposed to tunable lenses), fast (less than 5ms response time), no electromagnetic interference, and high precision (less than 0.5 um).

“AR/VR/XR is revolutionizing the way we live our lives, from how we communicate with people around the globe to how we work, how we play, and how we are entertained,” said CEO and co-founder Dr. Faez Ba-Tis, PhD. “However, a common criticism of some of these new innovations is the problem of autofocus and the resulting lack of image quality and realism. Sheba’s new MEMS camera solves for these existing challenges in this space, while also using low power, and providing flexibility with lens design.”

Sheba’s MEMS camera is also compatible with large sensor formats and uniquely facilitates the implementation of a hybrid AF and OIS solution. This novel approach allows the option of another OIS system to move the lens, while Sheba’s MEMS actuator, positioned at the back, adjusts the sensor for autofocus and athermalization, thereby delivering an unprecedented optimal image quality.

Sheba is offering evaluation kits to interested customers, so they can test and evaluate the new product in their own labs to ensure the reliability of the technology. The kit includes camera samples, a daughter board with the MEMS driver, interposer, and camera test jig to perform mechanical reliability tests, software, and user manual.

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About Sheba Microsystems Inc.

Sheba Microsystems is a leading fabless semiconductor company that develops high-end MEMS actuators for optical solutions, including autofocus (AF), Optical Image Stabilization (OIS), and super-resolution (SR) for compact and embedded vision cameras. With their high speed and high repeatability, low power consumption, and small size, Sheba MEMS actuators are revolutionizing the quality and capability of digital photography for everyday devices.


Angela Bourne

Head of Sales and Marketing

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