SLD Laser Introduces Sensing and LiFi Communication Technologies for Automotive and Consumer Applications

Company to Demonstrate New Innovations and Showcase High Brightness Illumination Products at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, January 7-10, 2020

GOLETA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SLD Laser, a world leader in commercialization of visible laser light sources, has announced high-resolution sensing and ultra-high speed LiFi communication technologies for automotive and consumer applications. The company will demonstrate these innovations, along with its award-winning high brightness LaserLightTM automotive and specialty lighting products, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, January 7-10, 2020.

SLD’s LaserLight sensing technology accurately measures distance from a safe, collimated, white light beam for mobility and portable applications. The sources achieve 1% ranging accuracy and provide a breakthrough solution for applications such as ADAS sensing, rangefinding and depth sensing, replacing radar modules, and enabling dramatically simplified 3D imaging and LiDAR systems. The technology can meet the sensing needs of existing cars, as well as future mobility applications, including autonomous vehicles, drones, and avionics.

“We are thrilled to announce that SLD has expanded the capability of our LaserLight illumination technology to include integrated sensing,” stated Dr. James Raring, President and Co-Founder of SLD Laser. “This breakthrough enables next-generation automotive headlights and other mobility light sources to ‘see’, thereby increasing performance capability and safety, while combining multiple functions together to reduce system complexity, size, weight, and cost dramatically. This is an exciting step forward as we pioneer LaserLight to enable intelligent functionality, beyond lighting, to meet the emerging demands of mobility applications.”

In addition to sensing, SLD has developed LaserLight LiFi communication technology that delivers high-speed data rates of over 20 Gigabit per second, twenty times faster than 5G data transfer. The white light sources can be collimated for long range mobility applications or configured for floodlight broadcast to address large areas. The sources deliver a unique combination of ultra-high data rate and long-range broadcast to address the intense data transfer needs of emerging mobility applications such as smart cars & smart cities, and 10G fixed installations for offices, homes, and factories. SLD’s LiFi leverages the unconstrained visible light spectrum to overcome challenges of RF and Wi-Fi, and while delivering data securely compared with incumbent technology.

SLD’s existing LaserLight illumination products will also be showcased at CES. Its automotive certified light sources are now deployed into headlights and are on the road globally, initially in BMW models, providing maximum visibility high beam boost capability. SLD’s white light sources are more than 10 times brighter than LEDs, enabling safe stopping distance with precise illumination patterns and minimum glare, while meeting stringent safety regulations of UL and IEC class 1. Additionally, LaserLight modules are 1/3 the size of LED sources, saving critical space in the car, and providing unmatched design freedom for ultra-thin styling possibilities. At CES, high beam LaserLight will be showcased, along with new low / high beam miniature headlight modules for easy integration into the car. In addition to headlights, SLD will demonstrate bright and efficient fiber light sources for car interiors with 10 times brightness of LED fiber solutions, delivering brilliant illumination from thin, low cost plug-and-play fiber optics and a modular light source.

In the aftermarket segment, SLD products power off-road light bars with world leading visibility, range, safety and performance. Last month, LaserLight lit the way for the winning drivers at the BFGoodrich SCORE Baja 1000 off-road race, the most prestigious off-road motorsport race held annually on a rugged 800-mile course. LaserLight products inside Baja Designs light bars illuminated the overall race winner’s 1st place Trophy Truck driven by the Ampudia/Papas team, along with 1st place Hammer Truck driven by Casey Currie and 1st place Utility Truck (UTV) driven by Kristin Matlock.

Following LaserLight’s prestigious recognition for the Technical Innovation Award at the 2019 LightFair International Conference earlier this year, SLD has further advanced its consumer and specialty light sources. SLD will showcase the world’s first UL certified 1-kilometer range MicroSpot modules for portable lighting, flashlights and drones in security, police, fire, emergency, rescue, and outdoor recreation. Additionally, SLD will display the world’s first chip-based 40,000 lumen LaserLight spotlight, replacing legacy spotlight technology based on Xenon HID bulbs. The LaserLight spotlight has 10 km range, is lightweight, portable, and ideal for entertainment & architecture, avionics and search & rescue, ports & marine lighting, as well as outdoor pole lights and stadiums.

SLD Laser will host meetings at CES 2020 by appointment in its private suite at the Westgate Resort. To schedule an appointment, please contact Kristen Hanna at

About SLD Laser

SLD Laser is commercializing a new generation of visible laser light sources for automotive, mobility, specialty lighting, and consumer applications. The company is ISO 9001 certified and automotive compliant to IATF 16949, and operates facilities in Santa Barbara, CA and in Fremont, CA. SLD Laser’s high luminance LaserLight sources are UL and IEC safety certified, and are utilized in a myriad of applications including automotive & mobility, specialty & portable lighting, entertainment & outdoor, projection & AR/VR displays, biomedical instrumentation & therapeutics, and industrial imaging & material processing. SLD Laser was founded in 2013 by several leading global pioneers in solid-state lighting, including Dr. Shuji Nakamura, 2014 Nobel Laureate in Physics, Dr. Steve Denbaars, Dr. James Raring, and Dr. Paul Rudy. To learn more about SLD Laser, visit or contact the company at or 1-866-SLD-LASE.


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