SOSLAB Demonstrates Global LiDAR Prowess at CES 2024


Marking its seventh consecutive year at CES since 2018, SOSLAB unveiled its largest-ever booth (# CES 2024 Booths LVCC, West Hall 3561) divided into three zones: Autonomous Driving, Robot, and Infrastructure.

In the Autonomous Driving Zone, SOSLAB showcased its 3D solid-state LiDAR technology, seamlessly integrated into the front and rear lamps of premium sedans from domestic carmakers. This innovative product is planned for mass production in collaboration with a leading automobile lamp manufacturer. Additionally, the company unveiled its latest ML-A, a complete 3D solid-state LiDAR solution, and demonstrated how its LiDAR technology underpins software-defined vehicles (SDV), a core technology for future mobility.

In the Robot Zone, SOSLAB took center stage with its innovative OHT (overhead hoist transport) robot, powered by its cutting-edge 2D LiDAR technology. With this product, which is supplied to global semiconductor companies, the company plans to expand business to factory automation solution, smart factory, etc. using automated guided vehicle (AGV) and autonomous mobile robot (AMR) applications.

In the Infrastructure Zone, SOSLAB brought its cutting-edge LiDAR technology to life, showcasing both a smart parking management solution and an industrial safety solution. Visitors witnessed live demonstrations, showcasing how these solutions transform outdoor parking lots and hazardous industrial sites into safer, more efficient spaces.

Gearing up for an initial public offering (IPO) on the KOSDAQ market in the first half of this year, SOSLAB is currently approaching preliminary review for listing on the Korea Stock Exchange.



Seung hwan Lee, CSO


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