Tekmetric Launches Smart Jobs, Industry’s First One-Click Job Building Feature

Leading automotive repair technology company’s smart feature enables shops to repair more in less clicks


“When it comes to running an independent auto repair business, efficiency is paramount,” said Sunil Patel, CEO of Tekmetric. “With Smart Jobs, shops have the opportunity to respond to customer needs quickly and accurately, saving time and hassle for everyone. This is a game-changer for our industry, and we are confident that it will revolutionize the way shops operate and deliver customer service.”

With one click in Tekmetric, service advisors can now build a job based on the vehicle selected, and Tekmetric will automatically:

  • Create a job title
  • Add the relevant labor line and apply a labor matrix
  • Add the necessary parts, filters and fluids and apply a parts matrix
  • Check inventory for all parts, then fetch them from your favorite vendors if not in stock
  • Apply a locked package price to the entire job
  • Apply any necessary fees

In addition to building repair orders more efficiently, Smart Jobs also accelerates the parts ordering process. Not only can the feature automatically apply the correct quantity of parts, filters and fluids to the repair, but it also shops for out-of-stock items and prepares an order within Tekmetric. For quick jobs, like cabin air filters, Smart Jobs has been able to save approximately one minute per job, adding up quickly throughout the day. Smart Jobs can also help new employees to begin building jobs faster. This can lead to improved productivity and reduced errors, helping employees to produce high-quality work earlier in their training.

Smart Jobs will be available to Tekmetric customers in 2024. To request pricing or schedule a demo visit https://www.tekmetric.com/feature/smart-jobs.

About Tekmetric

Tekmetric, a Houston-based auto repair technology company, offers a cloud-based platform that enables auto repair shop owners to enhance productivity and increase profitability through its streamlined workflow management processes. Designed by a former shop owner, Tekmetric’s platform drives shop efficiency through real-time data, a customizable user interface and customer-centric communication tools. Since its launch in 2016, Tekmetric has disrupted the industry with its robust fully-integrated system, developed with an emphasis on customer transparency and user collaboration. For more information, visit www.tekmetric.com.


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