The Latest RoboSense LiDAR Perception Solution Will Support Robo Taxi Development

A Developed And Complete RS-Fusion-P5 Was Launched In Markets Outside China

SHENZHEN, China–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AIRoboSense today announced its launch of a developed and complete LiDAR perception solution for Robo Taxi (RS-Fusion-P5) in markets outside China. The RS-Fusion-P5 was first launched in China last month. Equipped with an RS-Ruby and four RS-BPearl, The RS-Fusion-P5 is considered to be the alternative to Waymo’s LiDAR solution, further accelerating the development of Robo Taxi.

Full Coverage, Zero Blind Spots In The Range Of 200 Meters

RoboSense RS-Fusion-P5 uses an RS-Ruby on top of the vehicle to ensure a sensing range with a radius of more than 200 meters. However, even if the vertical field of view (FOV) of RS-Ruby reaches the perfect angles from -25° to +15°, there is still a small blind zone around the vehicle body. Therefore, to cover the small blind zone, 4 RS-BPearl embedded sideways around the vehicle form a hemisphere FOV scanning area relative to the vehicle’s perspective, to guarantee a complete 360° surrounding view.

Empowers Level 4 Or Above Autonomous Vehicles With Full-stack Perception Capabilities

The RS-Fusion-P5 solution fuses point clouds from RS-Ruby and RS-BPearl in real-time, and generate laser points of more than 4,600,000pts per second.

Through its advanced AI perception algorithms, multi-sensor fusion and synchronization interfaces, vehicles are able to identify all-around obstacles and position easily and precisely.

The Main RS-Ruby With 0.1 ° Vertical Resolution, 200m @ 10% Ranging Ability

RS-Ruby achieves the anti-interference of multiple LiDAR using special laser encryption technology to filter interference signals. Meanwhile, it is not affected by the strongest direct-sunlight. Its LiDAR reflection intensity reaches a perfect balance of consistency and distinction.

RS-BPearl Reaches The Minimum Detection Range Of Less Than 5cm

The embedded four RS-BPearl form a hemispherical FOV coverage of 90 ° * 360 °, which not only can precisely identify objects around the vehicle body such as pets, children, roadbeds as well as other details of the near-field ground area, but also detect the actual height information under particular scenarios such as bridge tunnels and culverts, further supporting autonomous vehicles for driving decision making and greatly improving car safety.

The RS-Fusion-P5 is able to reach 200m detection range, 0.1° high-precision resolution with full coverage, zero blind spots in the sensing zone. It is one of the leading and developed automotive LiDAR solution for Robo Taxi available on the market. More details of RS-Fusion-P5 can be found at

Meanwhile, RoboSense wins CES 2020 Innovation Award for autonomous vehicle technology, and will be exhibiting at booth 6138, LVCC North Hall, CES 2020 from Jan. 7 – 10, 2020, and tabletop No. 602 at CES Unveiled Las Vegas, on Jan. 5, 2020, 5 – 8:30 p.m. PST.

About RoboSense:

The world’s leading autonomous driving LiDAR perception solution provider, RoboSense, supplies LiDAR technologies to a wide range of domestic and international autonomous driving technology companies, OEMs, and tier 1 suppliers. RoboSense technologies are widely used in autonomous driving logistics vehicles, buses, and passenger cars, with partners including SAIC, BAIC, Baidu, Cainiao Network,, ControlWorks, Aidrivers, and more. In China, RoboSense has received more than 300 million RMB in strategic investments from Alibaba’s Cainiao Network, SAIC, and BAIC, making RoboSense Asia’s number one LiDAR company, with the largest funding in China’s LiDAR industry. RoboSense has won numerous international awards, including the CES 2020 and 2019 Innovation Awards, the 2019 AutoSens Award, and the 2019 Stevie Award – Gold Award. For more information on RoboSense, see the website at


Cassie Gong

RoboSense PR Manager

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