TTN to Provide Emergency Roadside Services to Mckinney Trailer Rentals

ARGYLE, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Jim Coffren, Vice president of Sales for TTN Fleet Solutions, announced today that the company would begin providing Emergency Roadside Services (ERS) to Mckinney Trailer Rentals, effective immediately. Specifically, TTN will provide overflow, night and weekend support to Mckinney’s internal maintenance team, which offers maintenance and ERS services to its customers.

“Mckinney Trailer Rentals is a growing organization,” Coffren began. “They’re emerging as one of the prominent trailer leasing and rental companies in the industry. As Mckinney expands, they will continue to provide exceptional support to their customers, and we are glad Mckinney selected TTN as a service provider.”

“The support of customers is at the forefront of our concerns,” confirmed Dave Tavares, President of Mckinney Trailer Rentals. “Our intention was to find the right partner to ensure that we met our customers’ needs. We were attracted to TTN Fleet Solutions due to the sophistication of their technology, the expertise of their people and their convincing response to our careful RFP process.”

TTN is an industry leader at ERS, managing breakdown events to ensure the right providers are assigned, services are performed as requested, and no more time, labor or materials are used than necessary. The company also ensures accuracy by auditing every invoice they manage.

“We were two weeks away from signing up with a different provider,” explained Dean Magistrale, Director of Maintenance for Mckinney Trailer Rentals. “What we saw at TTN truly stopped us in our tracks. Their people and processes, along with their unique approach to ERS event management resonated with us. We’re confident they can help us scale our business.”

Added Josh Dill, Director of Business Integrations for TTN Fleet Solutions, “Mckinney Trailer Rentals has an in-depth understanding of their ERS events which makes this relationship a seamless fit for TTN. That made it very easy for us to replicate their complexity and deliver a solution custom to their need. We’re excited about the relationship, and we’re honored that Mckinney allowed us to present our solution.”

TTN Fleet Solutions helps customers achieve better business results with industry-leading vehicle maintenance and repair technology and services. The company offers emergency roadside assistance, towing and accident management, scheduled and preventive maintenance, and call center solutions. For more information, visit or call (800) 825-4138.

Mckinney Trailer Rentals, headquartered in Brea, California, is a leading provider of equipment rentals and leases in the Western United States and Texas. Mckinney has been supplying customers with quality equipment and service for over 30 years. With 15 branch locations in Washington, Oregon, Colorado, California, Arizona and Texas, the company offers an extensive fleet of dry vans, refrigerated trailers, flatbeds, curtain vans, chassis and storage trailers.

For more information, visit or call (800) 355-4973.


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