Whillet Collaborates with Visa to Introduce Carment: A Next-Level Instant Payment Platform for the U.S. Used Car Market


Visa Direct provides a single point of access to billions of endpoints, helping transform global money movement by facilitating the delivery of funds to eligible cards, bank accounts and wallets around the world. Whillet’s Carment Instant Payment Platform uses Visa Direct’s real-time[1] payment capabilities and is designed to help make used car sales secure and flexible, ensuring sellers receive funds swiftly after a transaction through an eligible card.

Through this collaboration, Whillet will offer solutions to improve payment processes procedures in the used car market. With Carment’s integration into car dealerships’ existing Dealer Management Systems (DMS) and round-the-clock payment support, the platform is set to provide value in the automotive sector.

“Carment Instant Payment Platform, enabled by Visa Direct, aims to provide a seamless and efficient payment experience in the annual used car market with 35.7 million sales. Its defining feature is the real-time fund transfer capability,” says Dmitry Panov, Founder of Whillet Inc.

He adds: “The solution will offer car dealerships the ability to move money between accounts in real time and reduce time-related costs. Such immediacy addresses the evolving demands of today’s market where consumers seek rapid results, and time is critical, often with the payment transaction gap stretching by 2-5 business days.”

“Today’s sellers and consumers now demand faster, more reliable payments in nearly all aspects of life and car sales should be no different,” said Yanilsa Gonzalez-Ore, SVP and North America Head of Visa Direct. “Through this collaboration with Whillet, we’re excited to help change the money movement game in the car dealership space and disburse funds quickly and securely with Visa Direct.”

For further information about Carment or to schedule an interview with Dmitry Panov please contact Darina Cony at +16507891908 or darina@carment.com.

About Whillet Inc.:

Located in Silicon Valley, CA, Whillet focuses on fintech innovation, crafting advanced payment solutions tailored to the automotive industry’s unique needs. Through its relationships and dedication to improvement, Whillet is geared towards enhancing transaction speed, security, and customer satisfaction.

[1] Actual fund availability depends on the receiving financial institution and region.


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