A Royal Donation: Royle Group donates luxury Maserati to SLC’s Automotive Service Technician Program

Kingston, Ontario — Travis Royle from The Royle Group in Belleville, Ontario has donated a 2008 Maserati Quattroporte Executive GT to St Lawrence College’s (SLC) Automotive Service Technician program.

Royle specifically chose SLC because his wife, Pamela has alumni connections, having graduated from SLC’s Behavioural Science Technology program in 2007. The vehicle will be used by students in their training to learn how to diagnose and maintain luxury vehicles.

Students will specifically use the vehicle to learn how to diagnose and repair vehicle data communication systems such as Controller Area Networking (CAN) high and low speed communication; how to diagnose and repair modern advanced electronic stability control systems; and how to complete proper parasitic draw testing on modern vehicles that have multiple complex modules.

Royle’s donation was received by Aidan Wornes, associate dean of the School of Trades and head of apprenticeship for SLC; Saifullah Sanaye, professor of automotive technology and automotive program coordinator; and Jessica Kostuck, associate director of development with SLC.

Travis Royle is pictured with Aidan Wornes Associate Dean, School of Trades and Head of Apprenticeship for SLC and Saifullah Sanaye Professor of Automotive Technology and Automotive Program Coordinator. Photo Credit: Kris Ward, St. Lawrence College.

Royle was recognized for his contributions with a vanity license plate courtesy of SLC.

“I’m delighted to support the Automotive program at St. Lawrence College with this gift-in-kind,” said Royle. “This vehicle has great sentimental value to me and my family, and I’m thrilled that it will be used to enhance hands-on learning at SLC.”

“St. Lawrence College is extremely grateful anytime donors think of our College and our students, and we are delighted to receive this gift,” said Glenn Vollebregt, President and CEO of St. Lawrence College. “This vehicle will help our Automotive Service Technician students excel in their careers by increasing the relevant, hands-on learning our college and program is known for and it expands the practical application of skills in the learning environment in an exciting way.”

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