Announcing Luminar Day: A New Era on April 23, 2024


In this pivotal moment for the industry, the Luminar Day event will cover Luminar’s Start of Production (SOP) for Volvo Cars, kicking off the first global production vehicle launch with this technology. Volvo’s next-generation vehicle lineup will begin with the EX90, where Luminar is set to be standard worldwide.

Additionally, for the first time since its breakthrough Iris LiDAR platform was introduced in 2019, Luminar will unveil its next-generation LiDAR platform for mainstream consumer vehicle adoption. The company will also showcase the next generation of its broader product portfolio with commercial success, ranging from data and AI to semiconductors, to mapping, as well as key catalysts this year that will help fuel Luminar’s exponential growth and leadership throughout the next decade.

Additional details for the event and participation will be provided in the coming weeks.

About Luminar

Luminar is a global automotive technology company ushering in a new era of vehicle safety and autonomy. For the past decade, Luminar has built an advanced hardware and software/AI platform to enable its more than 50 industry partners, including the majority of global automotive OEMs. From consumer vehicle programs with Volvo Cars and Mercedes-Benz to technology partnerships including NVIDIA and Mobileye, Luminar is poised to be the first automotive technology company to enable next-generation safety and autonomous capabilities for global production vehicles. For more information please visit


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