The Spanesi 106EXT Frame Straightening Bench is the perfect piece of equipment for structural repairs to light duty, medium duty and commercial vehicles. This bench touts a lifting capacity of up to 11,000 lbs., lifting height of over 1m, and a long 6m platform designed specifically for vehicles with longer wheelbases. Spanesi’s Universal Jig system […]

Plasto-Mend Plastic Repair

Transtar Plasto-Mend Rigid Plastic Repair, #1478, is a high-strength, epoxy-based adhesive designed to work on all rigid substrates, such as PC, SMC, BMC, and fiberglass. It can be used to bond plastic to plastic, steel, aluminum, and other rigid substrates. It is most commonly used for: rejoining cracked or broken panels, sectioning rigid parts, or […]

Nitrogen Plastic Welder

Pro-Spot Pro-spot’s NP-3 Nitrogen Plastic Welder uses hot nitrogen gas to restructure common plastic components in automotive repair, from cracked bumper cover surfaces to hinged tabs. It is very easy to use with a short learning curve. The unit has digital controls for adjusting air, nitrogen flow, and temperature settings. A unique feature of the […]