Steck expands Soft Strike line with Light Toe Dolly Cover

Steck Manufacturing Company has released the Soft Strike .625 Light Toe Dolly Cover. Installing aluminum door skins requires a hammer and dolly for corners and body lines, but using everyday steel tools can cause galvanic corrosion on aluminum components. The Soft Strike .625 Light Toe Dolly Cover is made from Buna rubber for your steel […]

Laying Down Stripes

By Mike Davey Pros make it look easy. Here’s how to start with the basics. Mechanical pinstriping kits are sometimes used when a long straight stripe is required, say along a bodyline. However, they cannot give the same breathtaking results as freehand methods.

Refinishing School


18-year-old Catherine Mathewson is helping to close the industry’s gender gap. When three young women took to the 2014 Skills Canada National Skills Competition (SCNC) podium to accept medals in the car painting category, that coveted bronze, silver and gold-coloured recognition wasn’t only symbolic of hard work, dedication and demonstrated talent, but also of the […]