Steck expands Soft Strike line with Light Toe Dolly Cover

Steck Manufacturing Company has released the Soft Strike .625 Light Toe Dolly Cover.

Installing aluminum door skins requires a hammer and dolly for corners and body lines, but using everyday steel tools can cause galvanic corrosion on aluminum components.

The Soft Strike .625 Light Toe Dolly Cover is made from Buna rubber for your steel dolly to allow you to easily transition from working body tools on steel to aluminum without the worry of cross contamination and galvanic corrosion.

According to Steck, you can reduce your investment in redundant body tools by applying the red rubber removable cover to the tool you already own, giving you the ability to work on aluminum with no worry of galvanic corrosion.  

The Soft Strike .625 Light Toe Dolly Cover also eliminates the problem of a rubber dolly not being heavy enough to work effectively by allowing you to simply add the cover to your existing steel dolly.

The Soft Strike .625 Light Toe Dolly Cover can also be paired with Steck’s Soft Strike 4 Piece Aluminum Conversion Kit (Part # 35000) and Soft Strike Hard Cap Cover for Body Hammer (Part # 35025) to allow you to repair the vehicle after you see the contour of the damage.

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