It’s a great time to be part of collision repair

The phrase ‘daily grind’ has never resonated with me. If you’re working in a field you love, your work should never feel like it grinds—that’s a far better description for how it feels to chew on coffee grounds. Wouldn’t it feel much better to sip on a smooth espresso? Likewise, doesn’t work feel less like work if it revolves around a passion project?

When asked of their roots in collision repair, industry legends across Canada will often utter a variation of one strong, yet simple sentiment: “I’ve just always loved cars.” What follows that statement differs with each story, but the gist remains the same—this industry is founded on passion. If you possess passion for the automotive trade, work rarely feels like a daily “grind.” When you’re working in a field you love, the work doesn’t feel like work—but the opportunities will come knocking nonetheless.

This issue’s cover star, Keegan De France, is a perfect example of passion paving the way toward opportunity. For Keegan, a career in collision repair provides a canvas for endless creative expression and a sense of “zen,” as he puts it. He doesn’t groan at the sound of the alarm clock—it signals another day of inventive opportunity waiting to be conquered.

Furthermore, Keegan’s success in the field has allowed him not only to propel success in his automotive painting career, but in his work as an artist. His passion, determination and skill with the spray gun has landed him several thrilling opportunities— from painting snowboards for the Canadian Olympic team’s fundraising efforts, to dazzling Anime-inspired paint jobs alongside the hugely popular RefinishNetwork YouTube channel.

The collision repair landscape is dotted with countless paths, all of which lead to different summits. Keegan is a talented painter; but there are so many other endeavours available to pursue in the sector. You could master the mysterious art of paintless dent repair, tackle technology as an ADAS expert, develop the next great welding process or conquer a technique we’ve yet to discover. The opportunities are plentiful. Go out and grab them.

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