Hosting the Stars: Rust Valley Restorers visit Fix Network HQ for detailing on Mike Hall’s ’68 Chevelle

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Toronto, Ontario — The Rust Valley Restorers YouTube channel has shared inside footage of Mike Hall’s visit to Fix Network, where the TV star got his 1968 Chevelle detailed by the skilled team at the Milton, Ont. headquarters before its debut at Toronto’s Motorama. For those unaware, the car had just been on a 6,000-kilometre road trip across Canada, from British Columbia to the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario.

The newly released video kicks off with Daryll O’Keefe, senior vice president of Fix Network Canada, and Amin Youssef, regional vice president for Fix Network Ontario, greeting Mike, who stars on the HISTORY Channel TV show “Rust Valley Restorers.” 

O’Keefe first asks Mike what he thinks of Fix’s digs.

“Pretty f!@#ing clean,” he retorts.

The tech explains he will first polish the car, followed by a light clean-up with a microfibre cloth. 

“There is some mild surface scratching there,” the tech pointed out. “It’s not crazy. I think, with a machine polish and some glazing, this thing will look like a million bucks.” 

“We did lay four thick coats on it when we started,” laughed Mike, referring to the beginning of his and Avery’s 4,000-kilometre trek across Canada. “So if we do burn through it, I won’t hold it against you.” 

Arguably the best part of the video is when Mike realizes he’s scratched the freshly polished paint job when pulling the car into the trailer. 

“The sun was shining on the windshield. Blair was going, ‘Whoa, whoa!’ and I was hearing, ‘Go, go!” shrugged Mike.

When asked where he wants it parked at Motorama, he tells the show rep, “Wherever you can’t see the side I scratched up loading it.” 

Check out the video below. 

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