Idle Smart Brings Predictive Maintenance to North American Fleets

As the newest addition to its industry-leading idle management platform, Idle Smart’s predictive analytics will help enable drivers, technicians and fleets to increase uptime and prevent unplanned roadside breakdowns

KANSAS CITY, Mo.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Idle Smart, the leading integrated fleet efficiency and sustainability platform, today announced SmartInsights, the newest addition to its software and cloud-connected solution, to extend data-driven insights and predictive maintenance capabilities to North America’s largest trucking fleets.

Idle Smart’s vehicle uptime and idle management platform provides proactive idle reduction, battery management, cold start prevention, and a range of other cost reduction solutions to the most innovative fleets in North America. Now, it is adding predictive vehicle analytics to the Maintenance and Uptime category of its growing, customized cloud-connected solution.

“Fleets have the data to improve vehicle reliability but it’s often overwhelming and hard to make sense of,” said Andrew Smith, Vice President of Sales at Idle Smart. “And so while breakdowns are both frustrating and expensive, they are often viewed as the unpreventable evil of fleet maintenance. That doesn’t have to be the case. We launched SmartInsights to help give our customers the specific data they need to prevent roadside breakdowns, prioritize repairs based on vehicle conditions, and view failure insights by time, severity, location, and affected systems.”

“We are excited to offer this groundbreaking predictive maintenance feature, which is used by over 200,000 commercial vehicles today,” said Smith. “Fleets of all types and sizes will benefit from fewer roadside breakdowns, lower maintenance costs, and an increase in vehicle uptime.”

Fleets using SmartInsights will be equipped with real-time and historical data to:

  1. Reduce maintenance costs: The proactive and predictive diagnostic capabilities allows fleets to focus on the most critical problems first, cutting down on expensive guesswork and lowering maintenance costs by 12%.
  2. Prevent breakdowns and increase uptime: SmartInsights keeps customers informed about issues before they occur, reducing roadside breakdowns by 20% and increasing uptime by 8%.
  3. Improve efficiency: SmartInsights helps fleets allocate their scarce technician resources intelligently and streamline maintenance operations.

SmartInsights is now available to all Idle Smart customers. To learn more, visit

About Idle Smart

Idle Smart provides industry-leading solutions to improve the efficiency and sustainability of the trucking fleets that power North American business. The simple, proprietary software and cloud-connected hardware solution provides trucking fleets with vehicles of any size to dramatically reduce their fuel consumption and carbon emissions, significantly improve vehicle uptime, reduce maintenance costs, and improve their bottom line. To learn more about Idle Smart, visit



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