Enterprise has recently released Q3 2023 data that reveals the overall collision-related length of rentals (LOR) in Q3 2023 is 16.3 days, a slight decrease from Q3 2022. Additionally, when it comes to drivable LOR, Q3 saw an increase of 0.4 days to a total of 12.3 days, while non-drivable LOR was up nationally 1.3 days to 32.7 days total. According to Enterprise’s report, the May and July 2023 hailstorms that swept through Edmonton and Calgary were a probable contributor to Alberta’s non-drivable results at 34 days, with impacts likely to continue through the fourth quarter of 2023. Moreover, when it comes to total loss claims, nation results saw a total of 24.5 days, a 0.7 day increase from 2022. Enterprise’s report notes that results for the third quarter “demonstrate impacts from supply chain disruptions, parts delays, collision repair backlogs and technician shortages. With the complexity of vehicle repairs only increasing for both ICE and EV vehicles, the entire [automotive] industry must play a part in ensuring all collision-related businesses are aligned.”



Bodyworx Professional magazine would like to wish Keith Tuttosi, longtime national director for Napa Auto Parts, a happy retirement. Tuttosi–who has had a 36-year career across UAP, NAPA and CMAX, has been offered fond farewells by friends and coworkers following his retirement announcement on LinkedIn. These farewell messages highlight positive experiences and opinions of Tuttosi from his fellow coworkers. Such comments include well-wishers saying that Tuttosi “will be sorely missed,” others highlight his “integrity in all dealings as a business partner” and some say Tuttosi has “been an amazing ambassador for Napa and our industry.”


The non-profit organization, Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Education Foundation, revised its accreditation standards in late September for its 2022-2023 truck and collision repair training program outlines. In 2022 and 2023, technical revision committees from different levels of education and expertise within the automotive industry, recognized the growing number of high-voltage systems and EV adoption, and began to add related tasks, tools and equipment to featured standards included in this program. The foundation has also published a list of training resources that automotive educational programs can use when planning updates to the curriculums and training equipment needed when addressing EV technologies. With the future plan of reviewing standards again in 2024, Mike Coley, president of the ASE Education Foundation highlighted the ASE’s desire to add recommendations regarding tasks, tools and equipment similar to the ones developed for medium/heavy duty truck and collision repair.


The Minister of Transport, Pablo Rodriguez, has recently announced new penalties for companies who violate the Motor Vehicle Safety Act. Under the new regulations, penalties will range up to $4,000 for an individual violating the act, and up to $200,000 for a company. Penalties would apply per violation, meaning that they could be stacked for multiple violations. For severe violations affecting multiple vehicles, Transport Canada could issue severe penalties such as those affecting multiple vehicles, tires, child restraint systems and types of equipment used in the restraint of disabled persons. According to the announcement, a number of factors will be used to determine the size of the penalty given. These include the determined harm or risk raised by the violation or the degree of negligence involved. Past reports from Transport Canada indicate that financial penalties and the risk of these penalties are a proven and effective deterrent in maintaining automotive safety.

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