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WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#Bikes–Now that fall is upon us, the weather can change dramatically from sunrise to sunset, with temperatures fluctuating up to 20 degrees. Whether you desire a spontaneous ride on a warm November day or to store your bike until spring, protecting your motorcycle with year-round coverage has never been easier using GEICO.

Having a year-round policy will protect your bike from any winter storage mishaps, and with a proper bike set up and some winter riding gear, you will be able to ride all year-round.

Cold weather riding tips:

Layer your apparel

Start with a form-fitting base layer, then some fleece or wool, followed by durable outerwear. You want to be warm but not sweating. Clothing with vents may create just enough flow to keep you adequately regulated.

Bike prep

Use lighter weight oil and fresh anti-freeze for your motor in the winter. On colder days, check your tire pressure before you ride. As you start your ride, execute several controlled quick accelerations; putting more revolutions on your tires warms them up, where swerving does not. Windshields and airfoils will deflect cold air from you.

Take frequent breaks

Staying seated in a static position does not help blood flow. Take frequent breaks and get off the bike; moving around will keep the blood flowing to your hands and feet.

For more information on year-round motorcycle policies, please log onto or call (800)841-3000. Additional motorcycle information can be found at GEICO More.


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