World’s Brightest LED Headlight Bulb With RGB DRL Launch on Kickstarter by Boslla

Boslla RGB, your safer and cooler driving experience day and night

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–$boslla #Boslla–Boslla is launching on Kickstarter for the world’s brightest led headlight bulb with RGB daytime running light function. In the daytime, the RGB gradient-color daytime running function improves car identification and your driving safety; at night, the up-to-40W high-brightness illumination guarantees a super clear vision and your utmost safety.

According to Statista, the global car ownership has exceeded 1 billion in 2019, and the safety issues are becoming increasingly serious. To help millions of car owners drive safely around the world, Boslla developed the world’s first Bullet 4-color LED headlight in 2018. It enables drivers to cope with all kinds of weather at night easily, whether it is sunny, rainy, foggy, snowy, or any other emergencies. With the support of numerous Kickstarter backers and media reports, we have successfully met the crowdfunding goal, but this is not enough, Boslla hopes to make it even greater in this great era. In 2011, the EU passed the Bill stating that all new cars in the EU must have daytime running lights to improve car identification and driving safety. In line with this, Boslla has developed the world’s first brightest LED headlight with RGB daytime running light function – Boslla RGB.

Whether it’s a traditional halogen bulb, a xenon bulb or a Philips led headlight, they are headlights only. BOSLLA RGB has both headlights and DRL functionality, a genuine revolutionary innovation in auto headlights!

The gradient RGB DRL function makes your car unique and cool on sunny days, and easier to be identified in rainy, foggy and snowy days, improving daytime driving safety.

The low beam of the BOSLLA RGB standard will never dazzle an oncoming car. The focused high beam is 3 times brighter than the halogen bulb and twice than the HID. Keeping BOSLLA RGB high beam and low beam both on at the same time can make your lights look like owls.

The campaign is live at Kickstarter with the link bellow.

It’s only $69, you’ll get 65% OFF discount and include a one-year warranty for a set with Early Bird pledges.

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