How a little time can make a big difference


It doesn’t take much to show someone appreciation. Finding the time to let someone know they’re doing a great job, and that you’re appreciative of their efforts, is such a minor task, but something that has the power to completely turn someone’s day around. Being able to recognize the great efforts of the hard-working individuals of our industry is what makes being a part of it so special. Bodyworx Professional is a tightly knit community and in order to bring the best out of each other, members of the industry must unite.

In this edition of Bodyworx Professional we focus on recognizing the women of industry and the profound impact they’ve had on inspiring future generations of women. Stories such as the likes of automotive painter Amanda Greke or automotive technician apprentice Alex Creal are just a couple examples of the tremendous work women are doing in the automotive industry. These women are not only leading the way in their own respected fields, but also paving a way for other women to follow behind them. Having more and more women get involved in this rewarding trade will only strengthen the industry moving forward. Regardless of your gender, if you are a driven and hard working individual this profession is one where you will be able to succeed.

We at Bodyworx Professional are excited about the direction the automotive industry is heading in and look forward to being able to continue to tell the stories of each and every deserving individual from within this great community.

In covering the rapid pace of technological changes reshaping the way auto repairs are performed, it is easy to forget the things that has remained consistent: when it comes to the final product, there is no room for error, and there are lives on the line.

It takes a special resolve to for a person thrive in such a high-stakes field. Only those who possess it are interested in a career where delivering consistently high-quality work is not the exception, it is the rule.

While the methods used to repair vehicles will change, the incorrigible resolve displayed by technicians will remain a fixture forever. For those who have the backbone to succeed, there will always be a bright future in the collision industry.

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