Robotic Investment: CSN using new drying technology
Conferencing in Calgary: CCIF 2019
The Classic Car Owner’s Guide to Insurance
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GM IN MEXICO General Motors is now Mexico’s largest automaker in terms of vehicle output.

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ELECTRIC HIGHWAY Canada is well on its way to developing the first transcontinental electric highway.

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EQUALIZER The BlackHawk has a heavy-duty, 20-amp brushless motor designed to remove even the most

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This video demonstrates the importance of BMW Certified Repair Process. In addition the video sheds light into various Certified and Non-Certified Procedures that are carried on in the industry.

To learn more about BMW CCRC, visit

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Collision Repair's Industry Insider: Jeffrey Boyington of Job Alliance
by Collision Repair Magazine

On this week's Industry Insider, we speak with Jeffrey Boyington, the vice president of business development at Job Alliance to gain further understanding of the concept of foreign temp workers--and just what effect they could have on the current labour shortage in the industry.

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Collision Repair's Industry Insider: Jeffrey Boyington of Job Alliance
Collision Repair's Industry Insider: Jack Rozint
Collision Repair's Industry Insider: Jack Poladian
Collision Repair's Industry Insider: Steve Leal & Daryll O'Keefe
Collision Repair Radio - January 26th, 2018
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