Auto Electric Service demos 3M Perfect-It at Wheat Country Motors

By Mike Davey

Regina, Saskatchewan — August 19, 2016 — There’s no denying the contributions local jobbers and distributors make when it comes to educating shop owners, technicians and other staff on the latest products. They also fill a vital role in passing on the proper techniques to get the most out of the latest innovations.

John Veresuk and Rick Shaw recently paid a visit to the detail department at Wheat Country Motors, located in Regina. The purpose of the visit was to demonstrate proper polishing procedures using 3M Perfect-It products.

Veresuk and Shaw are with Auto Electric Service, a company selling auto parts, equipment, automotive paint & industrial coatings & supplies. Auto Electric Service serves the industry through locations in Regina, Yorkton, Weyburn and Estevan. The company also owns and operates Mainline Fleet Service in Regina.

“Using the 3M Perfect-It products, we compounded and polished a Ford truck to a like new high-gloss finish,” says Shaw.

The demo session also included two new 3M products: Inspection Spray and Glass Polishing Compound.

“You use Inspection Spray to inspect surfaces for remaining sand scratches that might be left after compounding. Painters often refer to this as “die-back” ” says Veresuk. “Inspection Spray makes any scratches or other defects really jump out. That means you can take the necessary steps to correct them, before handing the vehicle back to the customer.”

That’s an obvious benefit to anyone who values customer service, but there’s also the value of not having to repeat work at some future date.

“Your cycle time is going to take a hit if you have to repeat work that you haven’t planned for,” says Shaw. “It’s better if you can catch it before the car leaves the shop.”

Finally, Veresuk and Shaw demonstrated the use of 3M’s Glass Polishing Compound to polish up the chrome and glass.

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