EQUALIZER The Raptor F22 Deluxe Kit from Equalizer aims to provide a powerful cord-based glassremoval system usable on all types of auto glass. The technique that enables the cord-and-wire auto-glass removal device to operate on different sizes of glass is simple to learn, although Equalizer also provides online video tutorials for technicians looking for clarification. […]


BTB AUTO GLASS AND AUTO BODY The BTB battery-powered E-Tool is a specialized reciprocal-stroke power tool designed to remove safely all automotive glass and components installed with urethane adhesive. The BTB system is also designed to prevent damage to glass or the vehicle. The BTB system incorporates a unique internal and external cutout method, reaching […]


EQUALIZER The BlackHawk has a heavy-duty, 20-amp brushless motor designed to remove even the most difficult glass quickly. The tool’s compact and lightweight design allows for manoeuvring in tight areas, and the tool’s mounted bright LED light provides visibility in dark work areas. equalizer.com


PRO SPOT Pro Spot Pro’s PRO-WRK Windshield Repair Kit is a new, easy-to-use, four-in-one automated glass chip-repair system. The well-designed, precision-machined tool is made of aluminum alloy, making this tool lightweight but very durable. The tool sets up quickly over a chip and each repair step is just a quick turn of the tool — […]


MITCHELL INTERNATIONAL Mitchell International’s subscription-based GlassMate 7.0 aims to be the ultimate glass-repair management tool for collision repair facilities. The software is designed to simplify the glass repair procedure by letting users prepare quotes, create work orders and deliver invoices to vendors. The software also provides instant access to the industry standard NAGS parts numbers […]


DOMINION SURE SEAL Dominion Sure Seal’s CUSF Fast Cure Primerless Urethane Auto Glass Adhesive Sealant is designed to live up to its impressively long name. The fast-curing, primerless, auto-glass adhesive sealant gives repairers the ability to make lasting glass-metal bonds. According to Dominion Sure Seal, the product can also be used as a high-strength, single-component […]

EZ Nitro Plastic Welder Generator

Dent Fix Equipment The DF-EZN1G EZ Nitro Plastic Welder Generator eliminates the need for refilling nitrogen tanks and takes up less space in the shop thanks to its onboard nitrogen generator. The proprietary Flow Adjust Switch Technology (FAST) system makes the DF-EZN1G one of the easiest nitrogen welders to learn and use. It simplifies nitrogen […]

Nitro Fuzer Lite

Polyvance Welding with nitrogen gas creates the strongest welds possible because it eliminates oxidation of the plastic during the welding process. Think of it like TIG welding for plastic, there’s no oxidation, no burning, and no weld contamination. The 6049-C Nitro Fuzer Lite Plastic Welding System combines a simplified nitrogen welder with a traditional airless […]

Nitroweld NW-650

Nitroheat The Nitroweld NW-650 is a complete plastic welding station with built-in temperature controllers, including nitrogen (N2) and compressed air selection. This unit can be used with an external nitrogen tank or it can be attached to a nitrogen generator. If used with a nitrogen cylinder, the built-in selector allows the user to pre-heat and […]

Plastic Fusion Pro

BETAG Innovation The Plastic Fusion Pro Unit is BETAG’s top-of-the-line welding unit. The unit performs several functions. It has an integrated tacker with three power levels. These can be adjusted for different plastics. For the fusion function, there are three modes available depending on the desired options. With the internal compressor, the temperature can be […]