With each new year comes a new rainbow—at least, that’s the case for BASF.

The coatings giant has revealed its annual predictive colour trends report, which presents a new palette of automotive hues that align with global trends analyzed by BASF.

“This collection immerses itself in that space to look forward at the future of mobility,” BASF said of this year’s shades.

Dubbed, “A New Array”, BASF expects this year’s palette and offshoot variants to arrive on roads and driveways in the next three to five model years.

BASF expects this year’s palette to arrive on roads and driveways in the next three to five model years.

BASF’s research suggests that North American and South American drivers seek two main desires: adopting new aesthetics through a flashy car colour—but without the loss of that sophisticated, luxurious vehicle appearance.

“Visions of progress emanate through the Americas colours with depth, texture and compatibility,” wrote the coatings company in its report. “Expressions of natural and simplified options beckon both individuals and communities to embrace liminal spaces.” North America’s key shade, Lava, shows how technology can deliver on the ecological and the sophistication front, said BASF—a “testament to the myriad of possibilities the viewer experiences” when they first witness the shade.

Cozy Values, expresses the beauty of natural elements while alluding to the South American history behind precious metals and metalworking traditions, said BASF.


Asia’s colours emphasize the liminal space between the real and the virtual, a new world where people can express their intentions and preferences within their own narratives, away from social pressures.

These colours present a positive, realistic future that reflects individuality.

BASF suggests that Efflorescense beckons the viewer with a unique tactile feel, bringing them into the space of open minds and fresh ideas. Ran Ran roughly translates to an unconfrontational, laid pack perspective. It flows with the energy of the universe, unbound by rules, said the coatings company.

Asia Pacific’s Efflorescense is a pearly shade of cream. The colour has an eco-friendly process, an emotional feel, and forges a narrative in sustainability and identity, claims BASF.
North America’s colour, Lava depicts a deep charcoal gray with a glowing redness, creating a deep, multi-layered colour showcasing dancing lights upon its coated surface.

The European, Middle Eastern and African (EMEA) continents are represented by BASF via golden tones with high chromaticity, enabling an extreme range of colour from smooth dark tones, subtly complex neutral shades, and unique effects.

This chromatic golden tone modernizes the value of the physical substance to the needs and aspirations of the digital age. Gravatar is an attention-grabber that integrates new matter into the concept of colour—literally.

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