Brianne’s experience helps Boyd navigate the current environment

Brianne Walker has been part of the Boyd team in Brandon, Manitoba, since 2015. She’s held the role of estimator for a few years but, given the current pandemicinduced environment, Brianne was asked to cross-over into a dual role function–and she is handling it with the utmost of ease.

But before Brianne found a home with Boyd Autobody and Glass, she had starkly different plans. Upon completing high school, Brianne knew she wanted to help people. One of the first jobs she landed was at a ladies clothing store. She said she hated it—the standing around, the waiting for customer inquiries, the lack of real social interaction. She knew this was not the environment she wanted to work in, so she kicked off her job hunt once again. That’s when her friend presented her with an opportunity at a local RV shop.

Brianne thrived as she started off as a parts picker and eventually became parts manager. She enjoyed the research elements of the job, as well as maintaining relationships with regular clientele; but still, she found herself in search of another challenge.

A master of the local bowling lanes, Brianne soon learned of an opportunity to work as a customer service representative (CSR) from Brad Rusnak, a fellow member of her team. After taking Rusnak up on the chance, it didn’t take Brianne much time to gain confidence in using Boyd’s work tools, leveraging knowledge from her peers, pursuing training via Boyd University to assist in her development and career growth into her estimating role.

A clear people person, Brianne says her collision repair philosophy lies primarily in customer satisfaction. “There are tools and process in place to help us learn and function daily. The challenge is dealing with customers, they are all different, and we need to adapt to them.

“Be patient and be prepared to explain things more than once.” Brianne has gone on to train other team members, continues to find fulfillment in her current role. For the moment, she’s happy to remain in her current space, just “doing her thing”: supporting her peers, clients and the organization.

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