Ford Shatters Windshields, expectations, in next Gen Fiesta ST reveal commercial

Ford's new Fiesta ST crashed windshields in it's new advert

By Barett Poley-February 24, 2017 

Ford’s resident collision experts will have their work cut out for them after the reveal trailer of the next generation Ford Fiesta ST, which featured everything from female World Rally Championship driver Toni Kelly drifting around a photography room and dodging traffic in the slick new Ford, to fearless BMX stunt sensation Sebastian ‘Bas’ Keep chasing her down through the ford production factory.

The part that may make you cringe (or may not, depending upon your brand allegiances), comes in around the minute 40 mark, when Sebastian jumps his BMX bike off of a maintenance bridge near the ceiling and onto the top of a beautifully painted and brand new Ford Fiesta ST, absolutely demolishing the windshield and denting the hood of the newly-crafted vehicle.

I personally wonder if Ford really destroyed a brand-new-vehicle simply for the exciting sequence in the trailer? Though they are a multi-billion dollar corporation, they didn’t get that way by throwing away money. Ford could just scrap the car in question, but the interior looked fully furnished, and I’d bet this wasn’t just a rolling chassis.

In fact, Ford actually has a history of selling trailer and media-only cars, especially when it comes to the Fiesta. Reported in Car and Driver, the only ever produced Ford Fiesta ST painted in Ford GT Liquid Blue, from last year’s advertising campaign, was purchased by a Nashville man who was just looking for a deal, and who found it on sale as a result of having been used in an advert – the uniqueness of the car driving up the value significantly. Perhaps ford will do something similar and let this formerly-smashed-window Fiesta go for cheap once a collision tech gets their hands on it?

The next-gen ST features more adventurous and aggressive body-styling, and has completely face-lifted the rear of the hot-hatch. In addition to the aesthetic differences, the car will feature multiple “driving modes” including one specific to track-driving, giving optimal power delivery from the turbocharged engine.

You can watch the clever TV spot below on Ford Europe’s youtube channel

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