FRED Mini-Vac II Fume Extractor

Toronto, Ontario — December 21, 2018 — This high vacuum extractor is ideal for removing fumes from light to medium-duty welding applications while working in confined spaces.

By capturing welding fumes at source, the MINI-VAC helps you stay OSHA compliant, and keeps your working environment clean and safe.

Lightweight and compact, the MINI-VAC II makes no compromises on performance.

The high efficiency motor powers a three stage filtration process. First, a metal mesh pre-filter stops sparks from entering the machine. Then a premium MERV 15 NanoFiber filter stops almost all particles 0.5 microns and larger.

Finally, an activatedcarbon panel works to reduce odors in the air before they are returned to your environment. A lamp on the unit automatically senses when the filter needs to be cleaned or changed, making the MINI-VAC II remarkably easy to maintain.

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