Mirka launches Aquastar for wet hand sanding

Mirka has released Aquastar, a new patented flexible ­film abrasive for wet hand sanding applications.

Traditionally, paper has been used as a backing material for abrasives developed for wet hand sanding applications. However, dimensional stability and strength of paper in water are always a problem. Moreover, a flexible abrasive that adapts its shape to the object’s surface is important for a smooth and uniform ­ finishing. Other parameters have to be taken into consideration for an optimum performance, like a good cutting rate, long life time and good scratch pattern.

A statement from Mirka says Aquastar was developed with these factors in mind. The product has a flexible plastic based backing, and a pattern consisting of multiple abrasive zones surrounded by interconnected channels. The company says polypropylene (PP) is an excellent backing material due to its flexibility, durability and water tightness, avoiding the need of pre-soaking of Aquastar before use.

Aquastar uses a “channel system” with several functions. It imparts flexibility to the material, minimizes the amount of water used in the sanding process, improves flushing of the abrasive and provides an efficient conveying away of the swarf created during the sanding process, thus minimizing clogging and sucking effects. The pattern is designed so that Aquastar can be used in any direction on the surface with the same ef­ficiency, giving a consistent sanding result.

Aquastar also includes an integrated antislip backing on the backside of the material, for ease of use. Aquastar is mainly developed for wet sanding of clear coats and primers used in collision repair, vehicle manufacturing and other OEM applications. Mirka says Aquastar can also be used with good result in different dry sanding application and is available in grits from P400 to P2000 as “perforoll” sheets, packed in a new box.

For more information on Mirka, please visit mirka.com. 

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