Mohawk College holds graduation ceremony for Auto Body Collision and Damage Repairer program

The 15 students who successfully graduated from Mohawk College’s Auto Body Collision and Damage Repairer program.

By Erin McLaughlin

Hamilton, Ontario — December 11, 2017 — Off with the motarboards! Mohawk College’s Auto Body Collision and Damage Repairer program recently held a ceremony to celebrate the graduation of 15 students who successfully completed the program. The ceremony was held at CARSTAR Automotive Canada, in Hamilton.

Debbie DeDauw, Training Specialist for Mohawk College addressed the graduates at the ceremony: “Be proud – you have achieved quite an accomplishment,” she began. “Now it is up to you to continue on your individual path, be it apprenticeships, skilled trades employment, employment outside the sector, or continuing your education.”

Along with Certificates of Completion presented to each of the graduates, awards were given to outstanding students of the year. Treshak Industries presented the Outstanding Achievement Award in theory to Nathan Thompson. Student Matt Gibson received the Outstanding Achievement Award for practical skills. CARSTAR presented the Outstanding Achievement Award to Manuel Thebe for his overall success in both practical work and theory.

According to Debbie, the program saw a diverse group of graduates this year, with many different reasons motivating factors for getting more training. “Some people wanted to get ahead in their careers, others were looking to start a second job,” she said. The program can be a great “sell” to employers, with students developing knowledge on essential subjects including safety, training, WHIMIS, and areas in practical knowledge and theory. According to Debbie, training will help students keep current with industry standards, as well.

“The graduation ceremony is really the best part of my job,” said Debbie. “To see the transition – students come in not really knowing that they want. By the end of the program, at the graduation ceremony, you see the confidence and sense of direction and purpose.

For more information on Mohawk College’s Auto Body Collision and Damager Repairer program, please click here.

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