Snap-on’s MonsterLithium Impact Wrench

By CRM staff

Toronto, Ontario — December 31, 2018 — The MonsterLithium Impact Wrench is one of Snap-on’s quickest and most powerful wrenches.

Packing a powerful punch with an output rating of 230 ft-lb of torque, the tool includes a wide range of features to ensure it meets industry needs.

With a built in 1 W LED, the wrench projects light directly onto the work area, increasing visibility and maximizing efficiency for workplace professionals, according to Snap-on.

Providing 3,480 blows per minute and 2,400 RPMs for free speed to quickly break fasteners loose, the drive 18 volt MonsterLithium Impact Wrench also has a digital fuel gauge and micro-controller to sense temperature and amperage, cutting off power to the motor before it overheats.

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